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    My stock carb came cracked :shout: So...what should I do?

    Rather than complain about the company, I'd rather just upgrade as that was my intention in the first place and the rest of the packaging seemed alright.

    What should I put on there? I've been looking at SBPs and I'm torn between the high performance one and the low profile one. Is there a noticeable difference?

    Also, what else should I tweak? Is an upgraded fuel line filter a good idea?

    Is an expansion chamber worth $70?

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    your carb is cracked? or you're plastic air filter housing is cracked? i only mention that because you say "low profile"...which normally refers to air filters. if you are confusing the carb. with the plastic air filter housing...step away from the bike!!!! lol
    If your carb is actually cracked, go for the carb that offers the most adjustability and tuning.
    Yes, an expansion chamber is worth the money, but a lot of people have found expansion chambers cheaper than $70.00 (that are not motorized bike specific)...but it takes some modification and fabrication to make them work.
    but still, cheaper than $70.00 by a long shot.
    get a high flow air filter (a k&n style), definitly go to a better exhaust, and a better fuel filter (only because the stock fuel filters suck) there won't be a real performance gain by adding a fuel filter because the fuel is gravity fed. it would be much different if the fuel was being fed by a fuel pump, under high pressure.
    get a better spark plug wire and go to an ngk B6hs spark plug.
    some people have milled their stock heads for higher compression which will add power, but you can also buy a billit aluminum high compression head for around $100.00. (this requires replacing the head studs in some cases)
    I have no idea how much power you can gain from that. but i think milling the stock head will yield close to the same results if it's done right.

    someone will probably mention a shift kit but i can not say anything about them because i don't have one on my bike. Gearing is another thing to consider that will increase your performance a just depends on what you want, and how you want it to react.
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