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    I've received my high performance billet head today and placed it on my engine. Its a big improvement but it looks out of place on my engine. Other words I DON'T LIKE THE LOOK OF IT! lol kinda G A Y looking to me..

    now i want the slant head as they look better. Do they increase compression? and performance or is it a bunch of BS? I've heard that with a slant head the gas does not combust evenly across the top piston. Thou i have 3 prong spark plugs which fix that problem which makes it combust evenly..

    Picture of what i might buy if they increase compression:

    Thanks for reading..

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    so ur in syd as well

    what motor u usin ..i have a rock solid motor a hp2 ,48cc with heaps of billet
    if u read ull find the slants work better but u cant beat a billet head .

    bike is a esperia ,motor rse , exhaust an shiftkit hd from sbp

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    hey brad, yeah i'm from the upper blue mountains area. I have a f80b from MBB imports. Billet head from rock solid & i have a HD hub on the way from MBB as i don't like the rubber things holding the sprocket on. Bike is a repco random coaster (lol) but its okay for the price and its comfortable.

    Ohhhh so you have a exhaust from sbp aye? if i may ask what was the postage cost? MBB has a expansion chamber but price is BS for the product.

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    postage was 90 bux for both shiftkit ,exhaust , aircleaner , new rearchain .

    when my old rse shaft bike was goin its 44 tooth rear took it to a whoppin 64 kph

    i only now need to buy a newer rear wheel that is a cassette 8spd ,11-32
    dual rim

    best places to try for a better exhaust in syd is either (penrith) (attarmon)
    if u want better take off an mid range then try a long street (poo poo )but ull loose 5 kmh

    i thought of a 66 cc motor but u cant beat a worked 48 cc with billet head ,inlet , clutch cover
    i forget the amount of 66s ive beaten on road or the amount of cop cars ive passed doing 60kph ....

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    $90 :icon_cry:, was that combined postage? lol
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    yeah a 48 c.c. will rev slightly higher and it will have less vibration(if any) at top speed. my 48 c.c. has 0 vibration at top speed, where my 66 c.c. has bad vibrations at top speed.
    my 48 is only 2 mph slower than my 66 c.c.
    i have a poo-poo (that's so funny!!!) pipe on my 66 with a modified baffle, a high flow air filter, ngk plug, accell plug wire, and a 41 tooth rear speocket.
    my 48 c.c. has a spooky tooth expansion chamber with a 5" small pipe added to the end before the modified stock baffle, a high flow filter, 42 tooth sprocket, ngk plug and accell wire.
    both bikes use 20" rear wheels, but the 66 has a 24" tall rear tire, and the 48 has a 21 inch tall rear tire.
    my 66 tops out at 35 mph, and my 48 tops out at 33 mph...i weigh 155 pounds. the 24" rear tire on the 66 gives it a tad more top end.
    I bet if they had the same exact size rear tires, my 48 would outrun my 66.