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    Muffler is standard , How do. I gut it for more power? Would longer pipe between muffler help?
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    lengthening the header adds to low RPM power.
    read the details on my site
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    Canalcat, the worst thing we can do to this sport is make a lot of noise and gets us outlawed by the public we offend.
    Speed and noise will do that.
    I like speed but know I need to be careful with it. I pedal the bike at all times so as not to flaunt that I am powered and I have a quiet muffler. I shut the engine off in town and around pedestrians. It is important you and other M-bikers keep the engine quiet if you don't want to be banned.

    You need to experiment.

    I found a private roadway where I could test the mufflers. I bought a $20 chrome Grubee muffler that works well. Slightly more powerful than the stock black muffler and quieter.
    I ran it cap on, cap off to test for speed and power up a hill. It sounded more powerful with cap off, but the GPS told the story of almost the same speed and less on the hill without the cap.

    This bike has no problem going 30-38mph and is very quiet.

    The stock black Grubee muffler is not as quiet or as powerful (but it is EPA compliant!) and it was faster with the cap off. A quick look shows the difference in construction. The chrome pipe has main straight flow pipe to the end with side baffle chambers and a small "stinger" tube going up to its center. Very much like a resonant pipe and/or Turbo muffler. The black pipe had no center tube but has to flow back and forth over the baffles to get to the end. The stinger is short and at the end only. Poor design and would only work better with the baffles gone. Its going to be nasty noisy like that.

    So, if you cannot buy the $19.99 chrome Grubee pipe, what can you do to get power and quiet?
    Make your own I guess. I have not done it for this bike, but I have for motocross and enduro bikes. I have a ton of experience with them. A resonant pipe is the answer and most of all a small stinger out of the CENTER of the pipe's belly. It is much quieter from there. You can even add a muffler to it after that.


    So why not take the cap off or drill out the stinger to get more exhaust out of the pipe?
    Look at the this animated gif very carefully. Notice this tuned pipe pushes the exhaust gasses back into the cylinder at the last moment? It takes resonant waves AND back pressure to accomplish this. The "stinger" is sized just perfect to pump mixture back into the cylinder at the last moment. It has the rest of the cycle to exit the pipe. Bigger is not always better.


    Lots of piping experience.
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    I never understood why people are so pranoid about going fast on a motorbike law enforcement and lawmakers really do not care ( at least in my state Miami, FL) I do 55-60 mph on US-1 and I have no problems Cops they give me a thumbs up . the only people who care are people who are trying to be control freaks want to control everything and tell you what to do I SAY F#&K THEM'EM!!!
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    Past, a string of cops assisting a fundraiser walk and they don't care at all, LOL.
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    Do like Honda's do. Add stickers, each one is 5+ hp
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    Gutting a pipe it could make it run worse.