Perimeters for a moped?

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    I have decided that it is just not possible to turn a bicycle into a motorcycle, legally. So I need the Legal motor size for a moped in the state of Washington.

    And what else do I need to know? Is there a certain kind of tire required?
    I intend to build a long cargo bike with a big enough motor to climb our steep hills, and carry things like ladders. And put some good hydrolic brakes on it,to stop at 30mph.

    What kind of head light is required? and where can I get brake and turning lights...well may be I just end to go to a moped shop.

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    Looks like a good idea, but I have no knowledge of Washington State law.
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    Not wanting to rain on your parade but before you invest time and money find out if Washington state uses a manufacture's list for mopeds. There several states which do.
  4. LR Jerry

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    Washington State law.

    RCW 46.61.720
    Mopeds — Safety standards.

    Mopeds shall comply with those federal motor vehicle safety standards established under the national traffic vehicle safety act of 1966 (15 U.S.C. Sec. 1381, et seq.) which are applicable to a motor-driven cycle, as that term is defined in such federal standards.

    [1979 ex.s. c 213 Sec. 9.]

    Here are the federal standards Washington wants mopeds to meet.
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    they sure do try to discourage you from operating a motor vehicle. :icon_cry:

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  6. LR Jerry

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    There's a few states now that only want an electric motor at best on a bicycle. They want you to buy a bike or trike with a combustible engine only from a certified manufacturer
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    Most people I talk to here think the cops don't care as long as you not speeding. So I will just fallow their erroneous concepts.

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    The law is like a cancer, ignoring it won't make it go away. You may never have a problem with the law. I sincerely hope this for you. Its my hope you can build to moped specifications and procedures are established in Washington state so others can do the same.

    All I'm telling you is to call the DMV find out if they use a manufacturer list. Ask if there is a way to register a self built moped. Florida just put in a procedure to do this. I would hate to see you invest time and money then be told you can't ride your bike on the road. If you plan to scuff off the law then build what you want to don't even worry about moped specifications.