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    Does anyone have experience of buying an engine directly from a Chinese source? I know different countries have different import rules, but I've seen a version of the old Saxonette hub motor from Xingtai Evergreen that absolutely matches the UK 1kw regs and I'd like to get my hands on one.

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    Xingtai don't do individual sales. I'm trying some of the dealers and traders on eVilbat to see if anyone will sell one to me. I am not holding my breath though. And I have a bid on a 4 stroke friction driver as well, but I expect it to go a lot higher before it ends.
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    I've made contact with a couple of mainland China companies that are listed as selling individual items on Alibaba.

    Best so far is $US70 for a GX35 copy and $US110 for 10 day delivery. I'm now asking what the price is on the slow boat instead.
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    Anybody who is interested can get a quote for a GX35 engine from Todd Chan at this address:

    The price I now have from him is $70 for the motor and $70 for the slowboat carriage to the UK. When I order, I'l be asking for 2 separate invoices for the engine and the cariage, as here it will only be the engine liable for import duty, not the whole $140 (£87:01 UK) That means the engine is £43:50, 20% VAT makes it £52:06. Plus £43:50 = £95:71, so in at just under the ton, and you won't get that price anywhere here for a new engine.
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