Petcock thread size

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by redpiper777, Dec 28, 2008.

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    Hi all ,I'm almost done with my custom fuel tank and heading to the hardware tomorrow...Im looking to braze in a coupler to thread in the petcock. Anyway, I bought a Chris Hill CH80 2 stroke and was wondering before I have to try every nut in the store if anyone knows the threading size on the fuel petcock. I dont know if its metric but guessing it is cuz of the whole china thing. Also does anyone know if there is a better than stock petcock out there...I know I could go with a motorcycle part but dont want to spend that kind of money. Thanks

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    I did away with the petcock and screwed in a 1/8 NPT to barbed 1/4"nylon fitting. From there tubing goes to a 1/4" needle valve. The nylon screwed in nicely, but Teflon thread tape was still necessary to keep it from leaking. An iron 1/8" NPT plug sort of screwed in, but it was very tight.