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    Hey All-

    New member here trying to assemble my first Motorized Bike. Got a 66CC Skyhawk Anglefire and a Schwinn 26" Windwood Cruiser. Currrently hung up on how to mount the engine. My kit comes with an alternate steel plate mount that it looks like I'll need to use. The frame is wide and I guess I'll need to drill a hole for the bolt (?). I removed the original bolts from engine block so I can use the alternate mount. If anyone has any hints, I'd appreciate it. I'll probably not do too much more for another 10 hours or so (getting late). Anyway, I'm excited, and I read alot of posts prior to making my purchases. Glad this site is here and hope to talk with some of you! I'll post my progress (or lack thereof) later!

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    Dont drill if possable mine has wide tube in front. What i did was take a c clamp and smash tube down enough were motor would sit in there. than went to hareware store. And bought longer studs I wraped old inner tube around bike frame works great! But I wish I would have bought a large front motor mount kit looks like muffler clamp and bracket. lots of venders sell them here our search front motor mount. the reason I wish I would have got one is that my motor sits low in front carb not exacly at 90% .Still runs great though good luck with yours try to search here lots of different stuff here