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    Came as a kit which was completed in mid Oct and so far have logged close to 300 miles. Coldest ride so far was at 23 f. Added a rack, pannier, handle bar bag, Cateye speedo, tail light and a tach/hour meter. Also cut the hole in the 4G plastic cover....a big improvement in looks IMO!

    Video to come shortly.
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  2. LR Jerry

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    Really nice build.
  3. darwin

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    I'm envious, need some army stars on it.
  4. msiert

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    Thanks guys, just bought a 6v motorcycle horn for it and now I'm looking for a switch to operate it. Plan on tapping into the magneto wires that runs the light.

    Here's a picture of the magneto.

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  5. kgyrobotron

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    Msiert..mag..where do you get that? need for Batt.
  6. MotorBikePaul

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    You could put a star right on the pull starter, over the existing decal.

    That's awesome!

  7. Fly1

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    I would not have thought that color green would look good!Shows what I know, I really like it.
    It is a very clean looking ride you have there.

  8. msiert

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    Thank you all for the nice comments.

    I have been working on wiring everything up and ran into a surprise yesterday when after the wiring was done and the bike was started to find that when ever I pushed the horn button the head light would go out.

    Long story made short even though the magneto that came with the light package from Phantom Bikes is 12v it did not have enough amps to power the horn. I'm going to have to buy a battery. Going with a Phantom # APP-09BS12 at . It's diam. L 4.5", W 2.28", H 3.5" and weighs 1.2 lbs.

    I meet another motorized bicycle owner that has a Phantom bike in MD here on the forum (jhammondcpa's) and we both have been working on horn installs. We both came to the same conclusion and will be buying the battery. Jimmy found the battery after we both realize that was the only way to have a horn. Jimmy found it and thought it would work well. Will most likely mount it on top of the rack in a top rack bag.

    While I was working on the wiring. I added wires for a rear tail light. I'm thinkng of going with a yellow tail light. I had seen some LED truck and trailer lighs on a display board in Napa and found one that I really liked. Think it's a trailer side marker and is about 1- 1/2" tall and 4.5" to 5" long.

    Sorry for mis leading everyone but I really thought it would work.

    Engine flywheel cover is off yet from the re-wiring in the picture below.

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  9. msiert

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    I like the star on the gas tank idea in fact I have been looking at WWII bikes and most had a big star and US ARMY on the tank. Maybe 5 little stars would look cool too. I have named the bike "The Green Hornet" and thought about putting that on it also....or just leave it as is?

    Oh here is a picture of the 6v horn mounted.

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  10. jhammondcpa

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    Great ideas! The vinyl sign guys can make some really great pieces that you can install yourself quite easily. Let them know that the vinyl material may be in contact with fuel or just be extra careful fueling and wipe off quickly.
  11. KCvale

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    Very Nice Clean Build!

    That's the Grubee 4G with 20/80 pulleys and the 80T freewheels correct?
    I really like the transfer case.

    You do very nice work sir.
  12. jhammondcpa

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    It's all good and with each little modification the Phantom Bike Ghost 26 gets better!
  13. msiert

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    Mine has 20T driver pulley, 100T driven pulley, 12T output socket and a 48T wheel sprocket with a chain drive ratio of 1 to 4.0.
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  14. KCvale

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    The 12T is a freewheel sprocket then correct?
    If or when it fails, it happens with little freewheels like that, just hit the seam with a couple of tack welds to get you going again.
    It won't be near as friendly to pedal with the engine off as you have to drive the transfer case all the way to the clutch bell, but it works ;-}
  15. dirtwarrior

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    what frame is that.
    awesome build
  16. jhammondcpa

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    That frame comes from You can get the frame or the whole bike kit! It is definitely one of the best frames around today!
  17. KCvale

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    I have to disagree with you Hammond...

    It's a Grubee GT2-A frame knockoff without the 2-stroke pedestal and nothing but a coaster brake boss and some cheap parts for 150% more ($265) than the other Grubee knock off for $100 that at least has V-brake bosses.


    And what is with the kickstand hole but no kickstand?
    Ever try to repair/replace one of those type?

    Just my opinion but it sure looks like a rip-off to me.
  18. jhammondcpa

    jhammondcpa Active Member

    It definitely looks like the GT2 frame, which I started to buy and build from the ground up, but for about $600 more I avoided the build and opted for a fully built bike. It may have cost me a few extra bucks, but John King and is crew at Phantom Bikes did a quality job and the Ghost 26 gets better with every little tweak I make. I have been posting all changes to my album and I have a comparison video of my 2 cycle build with the 4 cycle out of the box! It's a show stopper every where I take it! Dock2-1.jpg the video links is at
  19. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Beautiful build J, and I am sure the fame is fine for a direct drive with rear coaster brake, it just sucks for shifting build because you can't use a coaster brake on a shifter and it doesn't even have V brake bosses like a real Grubee Gt let alone disc brake bosses is all.
  20. jhammondcpa

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    When I was pricing the pieces for a build, I looked at many of the geared rear hubs and relacing, but that made that rear hub several hundred dollars. On this bike I also liked the 1&1/8" Monarch Springers, the engine powered lights, the drum brake up front, the 2.35" tires, 50mm rims, the 14 gauge stainless spokes and a paint job I would never be capable of doing. This frame is quite capable of installing a jack shaft, but for now I happy just to ride. It's a little sluggish off the line, but is happy cruising at 28-30 according to my Cat Eye odometer and coincidentally the speed limit for motorized bikes in our state.