Phantom "Style" Exhaust.

I just saw your pic you use in your profile as your avatar and it's absolutely scary how much you look like me!!!...Ya poor Bas*** See my pic below for

Ps...I used to have a pair of St. Bernards as well, just like the one in your don't tell me your dogs name is Brandy or
One big difference is likely my height. I'm 6'4. I sniff the clouds a little bit.

The Dog is named Arya, so you are safe. She is a Saint Bernard and Great Pyrenees mix "rescue" that was saved from a pretty bad farm environment. They kept her locked up because she would attack the chickens and then underfed her. When we brought her home she weighed 89lbs at about 2 years old. She is currently a healthy, slightly chubby like she should be, 123lbs. Now she spends her days laying around like a couch potato, patrolling her perimeter like a Pyrenees, and refusing to come in from the snow like a Saint. She is completely attached to my girlfriend and her daughter and guards them both with a supreme amount of devotion.

Getting her to come inside from the snow is almost impossible. Luckily she loves chicken slightly more than snow.
Add a 4 stage header to the MZ65 and it changes it to a KS65. KS65 is way better. The guy that invented the mod, I watched him eat a train car full of coal, a few mining cars of iron ore and some nickel, and pooped out some impressive stainless steel. Then I watched him bare handed beat the ingots into bike frames. The stack of aluminum cans he had got so scared, they turned into CG engines. The KS65 is a great mod.
You guys are bad for my addiction to tinkering. Now I am looking at all sorts of other chambers. Luckily I am a cheap enough bas***d that I can resist buying all these things lol.


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I took a couple of pictures of my first one. Honestly they don't even really do it justice. It was warped in three different axis, including being twisted. I could have tried to belt sand it flat, but the flange would have been about 1/8thof an inch thick before it would actually be flat, and I just wouldn't trust that.

On the plus side, they never asked me to return the other 2 exhausts, so I do have them to mess around with lol.
That's how mine came as well, I sent it back, asked how they could sell this without any in inspection,I would not buy from Bicycle Engines .com, I'm sad to say I was irate with them, ive had nothing but problems
,once, ok twice, ok maybe three times, they are all bout getting your money,good bad, just send what ever we got! But yall spend your hard earn money, we're you want!, you've been forwarned!