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    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Are you Transportation Challenged in the Phoenix Arizona area?

    You have a quality LEGAL way to motor your way around that handicap at

    I am KC, and started KC's Kruisers in 2010 as I too found myself Transportation Challenged, and it turns out I have a knack for coming up with little improvements that make a big differences.

    There are basically 3 ranges of 2-stroke powered motorized bicycles I currently build, and all come with nice improvements you won't find anywhere else here.


    ALL bikes come with the following standard feature:
    1. Upgraded wiring and Ignition Keylock.
    2. Chain Matching if possible so there is no need for a tensioner, but a smaller less intrusive tensioner is used on the Pedal side if one is needed.
    3. Intake and Exhaust port matching for improved performance and mileage.
    4. Cable and Wire matching and clean zip tie securing to clean up the entire overall look and function of the whole bike.
    5. Grubee Skyhawk motors, not cheap knockoffs.
    6. Automotive quality larger gas line.
    7. Minimum 20 mile total break-in runs, tuning, and mechanical adjustments.

    Budget Bike:
    These bikes will get you around trouble free, and if money is more important than comfort then this is right for you, and you have bike color options depending on the budget bike model you choose.

    Ideal Bike:
    This build is based on the Grubee GT1 bike build specifically for installing a Grubee motor.

    The bike itself comes with 3 brakes, hub mounted rear sprocket and drum brake, heavy duty hubs and rims, Quality tires, metal throttle assembly, and most importantly, Front Shocks!

    To increase the comfort even more, I replace the hard rubber handlebar grips with nice Foam Racing Grips.

    Luxury Rides
    These builds start with gears via a Jackshaft shift kit.
    I find the heavy duty 3 speed hub shifter to be perfect, but I can also use a suitable derailer bike.
    They also come with a seat post shock and rear wheel rack, as well as a self adjusting dual-pull brake for uniform braking from one lever on the throttle.

    This category also fits custom builds like Trikes, Tandem bikes, and Cargo Haulers.

    Check out my site.
    You can choose a bike, then a motor, any options you may want, and checkout with your debit/credit card, cash or check.
    It will be ready for pick-up in 7 to 10 days depending on delivery of parts not in stock.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] KC's Kruisers Glendale Arizona, USA