Phoenix Phreaks In St. Patricks Parade

Discussion in 'Races, Events & Group Rides' started by Greenblazer, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Greenblazer

    Greenblazer Guest

    Hey Ya'll,

    Phoenix Phreaks has officially been accepted to participate in the Phoenix St. Patricks Parade Saturday March 15th 2008 10AM parade start. We have room for more people riding unusual bikes. Green attire/costumes are a must. Wildly decorated or modified bikes are a must. Send an RSVP to no later than March 7th include a detailed description or photo of your bike.


    Allan Greenblazer

  2. Hey did you ever build another bike to replace your beloved?
  3. Greenblazer

    Greenblazer Guest

    Hey Large Philipino,

    Yes and no. I have a bike that I am Chopping, but I have no plans to make it motored yet, but talking about it has started my brain thinking about it. I really loved my electric Fuzzy Green Chopper, but the motor was one of the last stages on my Green Fuzzy Chopper. The bike I am working on now is a Giant Stiletteo, and it was purchased as a temporary bike while I work on a new work of art to replace the FGC.

    The Stiletto was bugging me because it was too ordinary so I am chopping it. The replacement bike for the FGC is in the works, but details are being kept to myself untill I am ready to show it.


    Allan Greenblazer
  4. IronKrossKruiser

    IronKrossKruiser New Member

    Sorry I missed out on the parade...Let me know if you have/hear of any other rides!
    Brian (