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  1. Traveler

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    When I click the Manage Attachments button while posting in a thread, I get an error message. What is the procedure for uploading JPG photos of a project?

  2. ENO

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    Hey Traveller....ENO (Down Under)..You have to "Thumbnail" the photos..Go to "EASY THUMBNAILS" (Free download) and it thumbnails your pics so that the attachment accepts it..Good Luck.
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    Your doing it right with Manage Attachments....this error message,an error message saying what?
    Perhaps your images are too big & your upload speed too slow....try resizing your pics so their smaller & therefore upload quicker...also try putting them in a differrent format.
    Also also try using a different browser though i doubt that's gonna make any difference.
    I use Picture Resize Genius for my resizing but that costs $'s(technically,if ya know what i mean)..........IrfanView is freeware.
  4. Tom

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    The error message would help us troubleshoot your problem.
  5. danlandberg

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    I've tried to attach pics with no luck. Really don't know what to do. I'll reply to a post, and try to add a pict to show what I'm talking about (a picture is worth a thousand words) But I don't see any-thing happen. How do I attach picts? HELP PLEASE, anybody?
  6. bamabikeguy

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    Hey Dan,

    I'm on dialup, usually click along at 40 kbs.

    What you have to do is resize the photo first, down to the 98 kbyte size, instead of the normal 1,120 kbytes.

    Then, it takes a couple of minutes for the pic to attach.
  7. danlandberg

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    I'm on cable. I don't get any responce when I pull a photo from my puter, telling me to resize or anything. I do have options when I e-mail a pict to a friend. I'll have to remember the 98 kbyts size. When I try to upload should I wait until some thing happens before I hit the reply tab?
  8. bamabikeguy

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    I resize everything right when I move the pix from my camera, using FinePixViewer program that came with my camera.

    When you click on the paperclip, to add attachments, browse and select the picture you want, then hit UPLOAD, down at the bottom a bar appears, it starts out saying "sending request to", and when the green bar fills at the bottom of the "manage attachments" window, the file name should appear, not only there but below the "reply" window too.

    For instance, it says "scan.jpg (166.1 KB)" down there right now, to tell me I can close the "manage attachments" window. If I wanted a second picture, I'd browse, upload and wait for the second to get listed.

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