Photos of My Bike with Honda GX31


Hopefully I have attached some photos of my Bike . It is in a bit of a mess at the moment , it has been used on a regular basis since I built it about 4 years ago . I used a Honda Gx 31 driving through a Staton 5:1 reduction gearbox to an intermediate shaft . This allows the drive to be transferred to the opposite side of the bike via a freewheel , and is then geared down to give approximately 176 RMP at the roadwheel . The rack it is mounted on was brazed together from box section mild steel tubing.

I then put it all in a "Ketter" top box to make it look nice.

I really enjoy using this bike , it has given me a lot of pleasure .

Thanks for looking



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Thats a really unique design you have going on there. I like how darn stealthy you made it. If you've been riding it for 4 years I can forgive you for how dirty it is I guess :)
Now it's time to get another one so you can break that one down and give it finishing touches and new paint! Nice bike, very custom.



Its an interesting design and as SJ says dont worry about it being dirty - mine was a mess about 10 minutes after I first rode it :)

I like the idea of enclosing the engine and reduction gears as it means it keeps things cleaner and would probably reduce wear a bit..

sounds like you enjoy using it too - whats the performance like? My bike is a schwinn with the GEBE 32cc which gets about 30-31mph on the flat - is yours comparable?

Jemma xx


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Mar 9, 2008
It only goes about 15 mph on the flat , but if Wales was flattened out it would be twice the size of America:D

Where I live we have some rather large hills , so I have geared it down to be able to climb hills that it would be difficult to walk up.

I wanted to make it unobtrusive so that it would not attract attenention form the local constabulary , riding one of these bikes is illegal in the UK at the moment unlass it is Taxed ,MOT'd , has passed an SVA test , carries the appropriate lighting and is insured. ( oh , and the user has to wear a crash helmet) In fact , it is classed as a motorbike , and if I get caught using it on public roads , I will face a fine and Penalty points on my driving licence.

Abosolutely Mad , isn't it :???:

I am planning to fit it with a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub in the near future . This will give me 3 gears to make it go a bit faster on the flat.

This is a GREAT FORUM , I am very happy I chanced upon it .

Thank you for the interest.



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Mar 9, 2008
Hi JemmaUk,

Just re-read your post , Sorry , didn't realise where you were from .

Nice to meet a fellow enthusiast , even if you are English :D

Best Regards


Large Filipino

From a distance that looks like a radio! That's an awesome stealth job!


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Nov 17, 2007
Wow! Be careful, you'll probably have the US military knocking on your door for stealing their stealth technolgy. I love it!


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Mar 9, 2008
Hi All ,

In response to a PM I received recently , please see photo of my GX31 powered bike with Staton 5:1 reduction , now fitted with a 3 speed Sturmey Archer Aw hub ( old english 3 speed ) instead of the original "intermediate shaft" arrangement .

It does 20 mph flat out , but it will climb hills that you can barely walk up . Due to the amount of torque on the rear wheel , I have fitted a HOPE 48 Spoke SAS rear wheel .

The beauty of this set up is that there are no rollers or belts , it is all chain driven and the bike behaves as a perfectly normal bike when the engine is not running , ie the wheel doesn't try to drive the gearbox . The Engine has a centrifudal clutch .

The Sturmey Archer hub has been fitted for about a year now ,and copes with the torque very well .

Many Thanks


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