pic of my caddilac

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by beast775, Apr 29, 2007.

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    neat looking rack-mount, there 8)

    (i put your vid in with your gallery, by itself it was a bit off-topic)
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  4. beast775

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    thanx guys for helpin out

    ill figure this out eventually,where to post,till then ill keep low.
  5. gone_fishin

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    hey, it's all good, forum guidance i have plenty of, the rest of the guys'll keep ya on the road, that's for sure.

    i luv my frame-mount because, well, i just do...but rack-mount in general looks to be a very reliable trek'ing setup.
  6. beast775

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    im just havin fun.

    i actually like the v mount better.its a grey area in canada=laws .so i go undercover.i have to go to the city center in my area and theres alot of cops on bikes and standing around in the mornings here. so im better off being unheard and unseen.i was getting a coffee one morning and had 2 bike cops asking me how heavy my bike was?i said about 60 lbs.they both laughed and said you must have powerful legs,i said i have a trick for that!i cover the motor with mesh,it even has a handle on it you cant detect that i have a motor.i use my 80cc frame mount for the trans canada trail here mostly off road but fun.its all mntns here so hardened crankshaft keyways are needed.ive eaten a few up.im thinking of getting a qurve bicycle from spooky tooth cycles,i like the aesthetics of the frame.do you know anyone who has one of these?im probably in the wrong area for babblin ooops
  7. turkeyssr

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    Close up pix by any chance?

    I haven't been able to see your video, but any chance we could get some close up pix of the rack set up? How do you keep it from hitting the spokes, how is it mounted...et al.
  8. beast775

    beast775 Guest

    regarding luggage

    well the front is just a rear rack drilled and cut to fit up front,then zip straps and tie downs,plus a handlebar bag.both made by raleigh.the rear is a seatpost rack.with a pull along barbie case that i painted it was really a disturbing pink.i use these because they have a frame in the rear of the bag .its iesier to bolt on.the other side under the motor is a travel bag with my 2 gallon gas tank.so im not worried about runnin out of fuel.the more stuff i carry the big motor goes on.around town i use the 33 cc honda.
  9. Haggard

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    Re: im just havin fun.

    Hi Beast.
    I'm across thr strait in Surrey(Newton).I agree the law is totaly grey on these motorized bikes.
    I built my first about a year ago and got pulled over several times by the rcmp but they seemed more curious than anything.
    I ride mine everyday as my only source of transportation. I don't even insure my truck anymore.
    The local police are used to seeing me now and not one of them has a problem with my bike, although you cant miss the fact it has an engine.
    I've encountered two road blocks and got smiles and waved on through at both of them.
    The Delta city police dont seem to have a problem with it iether as ive talked to a couple of them also while riding.
    I don't try to hide it as I feel I would be insulting their intelligence and give them a reason to have a problem.
    My biggest concern about getting shut down is the D.O.T.'s(department of transportation)although there main concern is commercial traffic
    I"M SURE THAY HAVE THE JURISDICTION TO Park me on the spot if they were so inclined but luckily haven"t ran into one yet that was having a bad day> lol
    i might add i always wear a helmet< i use a red flashing light both front and back and i dont ride like an idiot>(running lights< zipping in and out of traffic<etc>)although I will pull into the inside lane and pass cars just because I can!!!
    maybe things are different in victoria though but no probs here bud

  10. beast775

    beast775 Guest

    howdy haggard

    greatings from bc.i agree with everything you said,i have encountered local vic police on my 2 stroke,i was going up a hill here and they just snuck up on me,i was goin maybe 15 miles an hr they just drove beside me and looked,no harm done.the only reason i keep things covered is i drive into the city centre and theres piles of aggravated cops kickin all the junkies off the streets in the morning here so i just shut down when i see them and pedal.i also drive slow obeying all rules.then theres no problem.i went through surrey last mnth it seems to be getting bigger every year there.i drove from vic to abbotsford was a good ride.peace
  11. projektj3

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    hey hey all. glad to see a few bc members on here. I gone through some of the posts here, and I'm glad to see that none of you have been bothered by the police while riding the bikes. I've been riding mine mainly off road, a little scared to ride it on the main streets. what's the real rule about it ?

    I know that even if it's 50cc and under , they're still considering them as limited speed cycles. Here's an email I received from ICBC :

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Our website defines the terms limited-speed motorcycle and MAC at http://www.icbc.com/licensing/lic_getlic_types.asp and http://www.icbc.com/registration/reg_rules_low_pwr_mtr_asstd_cycles.asp, respectively. On the latter page, you can find out how MACs differ from low-powered motorcycles and scooters at http://www.icbc.com/registration/reg_rules_low_pwr_mtr_asstd_cycles.asp#5

    Since your bicycle is powered with a gasoline motor, it would have to meet the requirements of a limited-speed motorcycle, and be registered, licensed, and insured, before it could be operated on BC roads. In addition, the operator would have to hold a driver's licence.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Customer Contact

    I've always thought of these bikes as MAC's but with a gas engine instead. Any ideas on the response from ICBC?
  12. beast775

    beast775 Guest

    regarding bikes

    this is a tough one here!these are pedal assisted bicycles or motor assisted pedal bikes.i actually rigged up a 2 stroke and started to actually get it certified at the motorcycle shop i work at.and before i was done the liscensed mechanic said let me take this out on the street.he came back and said i wont certify this bike for a million dollars.its a bicycle period its not to be used in traffic with other vehicles ,i agreed and stopped outfitting the bike.there bicycles with helper motors period.if the cops want they can take it and give you fines ,but if you werent breaking any laws you probably wont get charged............... i dunno..under 49 ccs and 20 miles an hr you shouldnt have a big problem.but you never know!
  13. projektj3

    projektj3 Guest

    hey beast,

    thanks for the response back on that. I've been mainly using the bicycle off road so far just to avoid any probs. i totally agree that these are bicycles. all the info I've found on the limited speed motorcycles state a vehicle without any pedals. now to put side mirrors on a bicycle, a headlamp, and obtain a license for it... that's just... :shock: . I guess following the regular bicycle rules and watching your speed helps. but it just takes that one speed demon to get things stirred up with the cops.