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    Hi, I am from Los Angeles C.A, gas prices here are insane... I drive 14 miles rou nd trip everyday to/from work and it takes me 30 min each way in traffic so... I decided to motorize my Greenline beachcruiser, I live two blocks from the LA river and work one block from the river if I drive my motorbike I will cut it down to about 10min each way :)
    I went with the 66c/80cc twostroke from Heliobikes (wich by the way I have not received and I am having a very bad experience with them so far) but I am having second thoughts because of emissions... If Kyle from Heliobikes does not come trough Im going to order the four stroke from some one else.

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    Hi and welcome here! You will have to wait and see how good it feels to be passing cars stuck in traffic jams!