Picked up this beauty for $5

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by james65, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. james65

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    Picked this bike up for $5 and am going to convert it to a boardtrack/cruiser type ride. The engine for it is a 2-cycle Lawnboy 5HP. It is a 24" bike. It will have: 24x3" tires, front drum brake, leaf spring suspension and a manually controlled continious variable ratio drive setup.

    I am a good ways along on this project but no pictures taken(I'll get on that aASAP). shed2 014.jpg

  2. Racie35

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    ahhh.....fat tires:tt1:
  3. james65

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    Cruiser-BTR 014.jpg Cruiser-BTR 009.jpg Cruiser-BTR 011.jpg Here are a few progress pictures.
  4. roughrider

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    When I saw the first pic, I was going, "A boardtrack type outta a girl's bike? Eh?"

    Then I saw the work you'd done to make a whole new frame. Mad skills.

    Man, I have to learn how to fab!
  5. professor

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    Wow is right! James, the guys on the tractor forum love those lawnboys. Looks great.
  6. james65

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    I threw the engine to take some measurements(crank/pedal clearance. I can only go by the sound of this Lawnboy engine but it sounds like one BAD ANIMAL!

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  7. james65

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    Changed intake manifold and carb starts easy now.

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  8. keatonx

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    Thats sweet! Im also making a 2 stroke lawnmower bike, but with an old tecumseh commercial model. 140cc, removed governor, sealed off EGR tube, it'll be pretty fast i think. (5 gears). The only problem im having is that since the carb is mounted differently to make it horizontal, it is on the bottom of the engine. So it can be hard to start cold when left for a few days because of having to draw fuel upwards.
  9. HeadSmess

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    :whistling:i like that oldschool half pitch chainring :whistling: looking good! at least its a rideable chopper :rofl:
  10. professor

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    Great job James. I love the creative thinking seen in these builds.
  11. Greg58

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    Great looking build, since older boys bikes are harder to find why not build one. I have seen a few conversions that were un detectable.
  12. james65

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    I am now using a tecumseh diaphram carb bolted directly on the bottom of the lawnboy engine. Starts easily both runs and idles great, even in this cold weather.
  13. BigBlue

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    Nice build. I like the clean look of the project. Is the manually controlled continuous variable ratio drive setup commercial or did you design and build the unit? Keep us posted of your progress.

    AKA: BigBlue
  14. wheelbender6

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    Must be a real rocket with the big 2 stroke motor.
  15. V 35

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    Ace Job ! What type of paint did you use ? Colors look ' different ' on screen . Looks like brown primer on my laptop,
    Wondering what colors ' work ' with theme ? Gas tank is super cool. The M B community needs to see quality builds
    like yours, to keep standards high, and keep riders safe. I've seen too many sloppy builds already. The bikes built by
    forum members [ who put thought into their builds ] seem to be the exception . The bikes I see around town have that
    four hours to assemble look, and that scares me.
  16. james65

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    Do not adjust your set! Yes it is just primer. I have now finialized the build and tested out the engine with the new diaphram carb with no manifold. That thing runs Sweeeeet! That engine is probably to big for a bicycle but I like it. Almost all my previous bikes have been black & red. Think I'll go a new way, Blue frame & gray/silver tank. Some of the smaller parts will still be black. Have been trying to rush this build but many delays waiting for the clutch and other parts I can't fab myself.

    I have been trying rush this project to start another bike related project, that has me stoked. Just built this bike to try out the varie-drive. If I can find some place warm I'll get thing painted and reassembled.

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  17. james65

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    Deablo Azul

    Just about wraped up. Still waiting for decals and a seat. Now ready to ride if the weather would just co-operat cruiser-btr 2 002.jpg cruiser-btr 2 005.jpg cruiser-btr 2 009.jpg cruiser-btr 2 011.jpg shed2 014.jpg
  18. BigBlue

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    Wow! Nice job. Looks sweet!

    AKA: BigBlue
  19. roughrider

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    Oh yeah. Wicked cool.
  20. james65

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    Got the decals for the bike today. Still storming out. Guess the first ride will have to wait a few days! bike name 001.jpg