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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by GoblinAero, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. GoblinAero

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    Well, I've finally gotten a good start on sculpting the fairings for my motorized trike.

    You can see pix of the trike and pattern sculpture here:

    When I am ready to market these, I'll be selling mostly through DUI/DWI attorneys.

    I like to post to this group for input... since ya'll like giving opinions.

    There isn't anything that I can do to get the price down dramatically and it is within the pricing range of many scooters.

    It'll have turn signals, brake light, head light and tail light. It may also have a buggy whip style safety flag on the roof adn a yellow strobe light up top.

    I've gotta tell ya... driving this motorized trike around town has been an absolute blast. When there are no cars around, I spool on up to 30. When I'm 'in the mix' I keep it at about 20.

    I'm looking forward to driving it around with the fairings. I already need carrying capability and the front fairing will keep the cold morning wind from watering up my eyes. Even though I wear safety glasses, I've been driving around with tears streaming backward and dripping off of my ears at speed... cool!

    I've learned from my riding experience that I'll need a minor vertical support at the rear of the roof. This will help to lessen 'flapping'. I might use a dual pinned aluminum aero rod or fiberglass rods.

    Car drivers seem to like the Goblin. Cyclists like it as well. Only one cyclist expressed dislike of it. Surprisingly, roadies (in their tight shorts and all) have been the most enthusiastic. From the rear, this thing looks like an insane mechanized super fast wheelchair!


    I'll be making updates to the website regularly.

    Jeff in Tucson

  2. sparky

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    Brilliant idea!! I couldn't imagine too many other people that could afford to buy them, tho. Other people with suspended licenses might even be better than the DUI/DWI crowd. People might get the wrong impression about your GoblinAero's handling if it's swerving in and out of the lines... or the build quality when some drunkie flips it around a corner.

    G'luck in finding your target market!
  3. GoblinAero

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    Target market


    My fiancee has a good friend that lost his 14 yr old son to a drunk driver a year ago. The trial finally started yesterday. Folks with suspended licenses tend to keep driving anyway because they continue to need a way to get around and the bus just "won't do" for them. I think I've found a way to have them drive something that doesn't weigh 5000 pounds and keep them legal.

    We'll see.

    A lot of people that get DUI/DWI have plenty of money and can afford to buy personal transportation that will keep them out of trouble.

    We'll see.

    In the meantime, I'm having a blast with this thing. :shifty2:

    Jeff in Tucson
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    Hey Jeff. Man O' man I wish I lived next to you. Id be that kid on the block thats knock'in
    on the door asking "can Jeff come out to play". Being a builder inventor I can sure appreciate
    your craftmanship/design. We had a neighbor growing up that built planes out of his garage. Your
    framing tecniques look simular. Is your body going to be able to lift off with 8 bolts? or will they
    be more permanent and a lot of work to get off?
    Well anyways, great Idea! Keep up the good work. Im very impressed.
  5. GoblinAero

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    I've never built a plane, but I used to fly ultralight aircraft. I had a neighbor that built a BD-5 airplane in his garage when I was a kid. I was like you, always wanting to go hang out and look at it.

    I've built streamlined racing bicycles previously. It's fun!

    Have a good one,

  6. wavygravy

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    i hope your not intending on the drunks that have gotten busted in cars ride your bike so they dont get pulled over as easy? not a good sales pitch!
  7. srdavo

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    yup..wavy is right...
  8. GoblinAero

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    That's one of the problems with many people that have gotten DUI/DWIs... they continue with bad behaviors.

    Would you rather that they drive a 5000 lb. vehicle, or one that weighs less than 200?

    They continue to drive... pick which one you'd rather have them using.

    The GoblinAero requires a higher level of coordination to drive than a car. It would be EASIER for a police officer to spot them.

  9. wavygravy

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    not good ambasadorship for furthuring the cause of motoredbikeing for all who wish to ride in the future! please be responsible in your motoredbikeing people, & follow the laws so we keep a good name for the movement, well it used to be a movement at one time, now it seems to be more about goin fast & not thinking of the future of motoredbikers & motoredbikeing! keep the focus true motoredbikers , you know who you are!!
  10. wavygravy

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    dont drive any motored vehicle drunk!! period! the lesser evil is not an option!!
  11. GoblinAero

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    No one is advocating driving drunk.
  12. GoblinAero

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    Responsibility is exactly what the GoblinAero is about. Driving a vehicle LEGALLY vs. driving another one that is not legal to operate... or are you NOT into following the law?

    A 'true' motoredbiker follows the law, correct? Isn't that part of the 'movement'?
  13. GoblinAero

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    Wavygravy... wouldn't you rather have folks drive a motored bike legally, versus drive a car without a license, registration, and insurance?

    That's exactly what we're talking about here and nothing else.

    Are you suggesting that people should continue their bad habits of driving their cars/trucks illegally?

    I would like to think that you would take a stand and support folks that would do the right thing and ride a motored bike instead of a car that they weren't supposed to be using.

    I suspect that there are quite a few members on this forum that are responsible and are doing that very thing because they are not supposed to be driving a car.

    I salute those responsible motored bicycling forum members.

    Jeff in Tucson
  14. Happy Valley

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    You ask for comments so a couple of things, first I admire your ingenuity. It's a stunning build.

    Second, you just called your trike a vehicle. It pushes the line on motorized bicycles. You seem to want to be included in the MB "movement" as you say.
    Is it a legal vehicle? Time will tell on that one for a while but I'd hazard a guess that when state legislatures catch up you'll not be flying under the radar for long as a no reg/ins/license MB for long with that profile.
  15. wavygravy

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    no people can drive what ever they want-legally i hope , some tend to have the attitude that its ok to drive drunk because its just a little old bicycle, no harm intended, i was hopeing that was not your intention! rock on motored biker, p.s. the goblins way cool looking!
  16. sparky

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    It's an easy target market. People with DUIs/DWIs need to get around too and can prolly afford the Goblin... and since AZ doesn't consider a MB as a traditional motorized vehicle (so long as you're traveling less than 20mph... 22mph and it magically turns into a motorized vehicle), it seems like an excellent marketing idea.

    As long as both Jeff & the DUI lawyers remind his customers that riding on even a traditional pedal bike will get them tossed back in jail with even MORE serious fines... they should be alright. It's up to them, but I'm sure people will constantly be reminding them that even drunk riding (or speeding over 20mph) is foolish.

    Now that I think about it... if these people are restricted to 20mph, why make the MB so dern aerodynamic?!?
  17. skipS

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    In Ct motorized bicycles Do not need to be regerstered but you do need to be over 16 years of age and have a valid drivers licence. Isn't that the same with most other states? If so won't that put a big dent in your DUI market?
  18. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Pretty sure he's going to get in touch with *local* DUI attorneys, where he knows a license is not required (again... that's only if kept under 20mph, or that lawyer is really good). Almost positive he's not trying to get in touch with law firms in CT just yet.
  19. GoblinAero

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    Thanks, WavyGravy

    I appreciate the compliment, thanks!

    One of my fiancee's best friends from high school lost his 14 yr old son to a drunk driver a year ago. She hit him with her car while he rode his bicycle and then drove another 1/2 mile before stopping.

    They finally tried her last week and sent her away for a while.

    I'm hoping to keep folks with a history of driving drunk away from getting into a 5000 pound vehicle. I'd rather have them follow the law and drive something that is legal for them... and much lighter.

  20. miletwo

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    Driving anything, including a bicycle, is still against the law (at least where I live). If this requires more coordination to drive than a car, I agree... drunks will be easy to spot if they try to cruise the bars in this thing, although I doubt many will go bar-hopping in this. HA!

    Good on ya, mate!