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    hello everyone, highplainsdrifter here. Im new to this site but have visited it many times..... thought it was time to finally join up. I built a motorized bicycle this winter and have rode it all summer so far. My neighbor seen me riding it earlier this year and built one too. He does not have a car and its his main transportation to work. I get lots of looks when riding. Besides my neighbor this is kind of a new thing to Wyoming and many people have never seen these! I call my bike the flying tiger shark. Its a 50's style army bike with custom rear rack, tiger shark gas tank, and semi custom headlight & taillight. Will post pics as soon as i figure out how. I am reaching speeds of around 35mph, which I think is not bad for being at 7220ft. I had a blast building this and am now working on my second bike. When completed it will be a Indian flat track racer replica. I am fabricating a gas tank from fiberglass for it along with many other custom parts. I will also post pic of Indian.... at least what I have so far. I am trying to get people interested in these and would love to hold a anyone in wyo on here please feel free to contact me. Anyone else please feel free too.

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    here is a pic of my first build. For some reason I cannot post more than one pic? This is my flying tiger shark army bike. I have rode this thing all summer and had a blast! I hope ya'll like it. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.

    army bike 1 (2).jpg
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    Looks nice. Just a heads up comment, if you don't already know it, the rear fender mounting tabs can fatigue and break with little or no warning, on my HT engined bike I wound up "skiing" on my rear fender half way across an intersection before going down one night. The front mounting tab had broken and the fender was grabbed by the tire and twisted completely around under the tire.
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    Rear Fender

    Wow!!! Bet that was a wild ride! I actually have had the tab on the rear fender snap but this did not happen.... Lucky. I now have welded a new tab on it with stronger steel. Thanks for the heads up, I never would of thought of this scenerio. That what makes these so dangerous.