Pics of frame mounted 2 stroke on Mountain bike

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    Ozone 500 Mountain Bike from Academy and 50 cc engine kit from USA Bike Motors
    WaltzMBPic1 email quality.jpg
    This is my first build. I have had it for 6 months now, and so far so good. I went for a 30 minute ride last week and the exhaust pipe looked like it was overheating, but that is probably normal. Happy times for sure. I owe a lot of credit to this website and to the people who use the website for all of the tips and tricks.

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    I like it, nice classic mountain bike install. Maybe it is just me but I like mountain bikes better than cruisers. Guess I am not old enough to appreciate the cruiser look.
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    I am also very proud of the fuel valve and fuel filter from SBPs.
    I thought about buying a spark plug wire from SBP, but I am not sure how to install because the CDI ignition coil is water proofed.
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    The sparkplug wire will unscrew from the CDI coilpack. There is what looks like a sheet metal screw in the coilpack that both holds the wire and transferrs the energy to the wire. In the factory, the potting was poured into the coilpack after the wire was attached. If you are concerned about retaining the water resistance, just put a thin coat of silicone sealant on the outside of the new wire before you screw it on.