Pics of my parts for Howell 80cc kit



costs and shipping of Engine, / everythings.

The ENGINE only will run $65 bucks + shipping. (should be somewhere around 18-28 bucks for 2 week shipping service..

$147 + shipping, and im estimating about 29-42 for shipping, 2 weeks.
ALSO, i have other small parts included with "everything", like some tools, bolts, and other things that go with the kit, came with it, and things i baught, so, there more extras you get not shown: like the cables, pully straps etc...

**spark plugs, chain, mirror,kill switch, front sprocket for engine are in NEW condition! NEW.
sprocket is not included, (large rear one)-sold.

FOR DETAILS, CALL ME 310 734-6800, Mornings untill 11am, and evenings untill 1am, ****PACIFIC TIME**


you bike engine

I see you posted a bike motor and parts in the beginning of the year. No word if you sold any of the parts. I need to rebuild my motor and need an engine. You say this one runs I could use it till it brakes and with my luck won't take long. If you still have and want to sell it please contact me at email ( or pm me on this bike site.

Thank you, David A.