pics of some of my collection from the uk

here are a few pics of some of my machines.will try to find disc with other and hopefully better pic later.first is display machine with 7 engines.from front to back mocyc,bsa winged wheel,sturmney archer,chinese 80cc,mosquito,powerpak &

cyclemaster.second machine is kroxa russian engine.third is 1930s levis.fourth & fith are chinese 80cc engines and last is a 1950s sturmney archer engine on bike undergoing restoration.i have over thirty types of motor but not all on bikes.


for real, luke, i'm overwhelmed...that is the grooviest collection of motor'd-bikes i've ever seen 8)


all i can say is.....i love you.
i'll post more when i can talk.

[later:] How many of those 7 engines are functional?
I really really like that hi-pipe on the kroxa, I'd love to find one that will work with the chinese 70cc. Those frame-baskets on 3 and 4 are cool too, I could put one of those to good use. And I've never seen anything like number 5.


WOW im atonished amazing that bike with all the motors and the fruit bike looks so cool thanks for the upload larry ca


thanks for reply heres a couple more pics

going mad trying to find where i put the disc with my good pics on .here is a couple more for now.

first is scott cyc auto from the thirties not strictly a bike motor but buit as an adapted bike from the early thirties untill the fifties.this is late thirties one earlier ones has solid forks, bicycle brakes and no clutch which is pic is other side of levis.last pic is my cains mocyc and bike bug.thanks for looking


you're banned from "bike of the month" eligability until you send some of those bikes over here...
I'm excited to see what this disc of "really cool" stuff has got on it...