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    i cant get pictures upload without croping them down to nothing.im not good with cpus.what am i doing wrong?please help.gotta trike i wanna show.

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    What editing program do you use? can you size change and re-resolution your photos in it. Most digital cameras shoot the photos at 72 Res, between 22 to 36 inches wide depending on megapixels of your camera.

    You need to size change the entire shot down to approx 6"wide. "Not" crop the photo down. If there's a certain area in the photo you like, then crop that area, then size change (scale it) down to 6" resave it. 72 res jpg works best for me.

    Sound to me like your cropping it down to get the max acceptable size for uploading. size the entire shot down. Ill keep checking back to this thread to see how your doing. graucho
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    I use a program called Picture Resize Genius...it's brilliant,but it's Shareware.There's also a great(and free) German image viewer program called IrfanView...u can resize images in that.
    Try here and see if u can find any programs u like:
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    ty im working on it
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    I had the same probs as you until a member here turned me onto "easy thumbnails". It is so easy to use that I was shocked. If you are interested I could find the link in my old thread on a 1957 bike for you, just ask.
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    Heck, Paint will work, too.

    Open the pic in Paint, select the Image, Strech/Skew menu option, then enter the scale reduction you need into the Horizontal and Vertical Stretch boxes. Then, SAVE AS the new picture. Changing the 100% to 50% will result in a file that is approximately 1/4 the size in bytes, of the original. (1/2 of 1/2 is 1/4)
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    I use Zoom Browser (a utility that came with my camera). I click Export Image, I have it set for 750x500. It gives me an image I can upload.
  9. Yea I was gonna say what Alaskavan just mentioned.
    If your camera is taking huge pics,then you got a good camera.
    There's something on there in your camera options that will scale down any pics you take automatically.
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  12. eastwood,are your pics .jpg format? Cause that format you can get them pretty big.