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  1. Breaks

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    Hey everyone,
    Im from Texas and i purchased my first bike motor (whoo!) But im hvaing major problems. The biggest is that the bucking bar sticks out too far for me to put the cover on and therefore will not press in when i pull the clutch. I hvae no clue what to do, please help!

  2. Breaks

    Breaks New Member

    Hello everyone

    Hey guys! I'm from Texas and i just bought a new shwinn bike. im hoping to install this 80 cc motor onto it and get rollin!
    Just a few problems have occurred, hopefully their straightened out soon!
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    I'm by no means a specialist here but I will offer a couple suggestions to get you started.What transpired to get the cover in the first place? If you disassembled it could something have gotten stuck to the grease when you reassembled it Have you removed the bucking bar and ball bearing to check for damage? Burr,mushroomed, smashed somehow?? If you search bucking bar here there are some threads with similar probles as yours. One suggests (if they're not damaged of course) taking a piece of hardwood and firmly but not too hard rapping it with a hammer. Do you have the actuator turned the right way when you are installing the cover?? If the lever is in the incorrect position it may give you a problem. On my engine (and I believe most ) the lever should be pointing to the back of the bike when its in released state? Hope something here helps.