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  1. Molotov256

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    Harboring as much dislike for the stock ragmount sprocket adapters as I do, I'm always intrigued by alternative sprocket mounting methods.

    I stumbled across these "Pineapple Sprocket Mounts" at Spooky Tooth, and I'm not sure if they're a good idea or not. They still drive the wheel by the spokes, but they'd undoubtedly take some of the guesswork out of truing the sprocket.

    Anybody try these yet?

  2. GearNut

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    I have never heard of one or seen one before.
    That is definitely a different kind of mouse trap, so to speak.
    It seems like a reasonable alternative to the rag mount. I would like to know if if is gentler on the spokes or not. I am guessing not.
  3. occchopperfl

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    Things that make you go mmmmm... i'm thinking too that it be rough on the spokes.

    Anyone own this? Or any reviews? Vendor comments?

    Thanks! :)
  4. srdavo

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  5. occchopperfl

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    thats good to know. If you had a second to decide, which drive sprocket mounting method would you use and why?

    Thank you. :)
  6. Molotov256

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    Hmm, cool! If this style mount has been used successfully on spoked bicycle wheels in other applications, then I think there may be hope. That'd be good news, because I recently ordered a new rear wheel for my 2nd bike with intentions of ordering another Manic Mechanic clamshell mount from Pirate Cycles, but they're out of stock for the next several weeks. If this is a viable alternative I may have to give it a go and see how it works out.
  7. srdavo

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    I've assembled a couple dozen rag-joint sprockets & only one ever had problems. (4 broken spokes after 2 years of hard use)
  8. occchopperfl

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    thanks dave,

    I guess i'm "mechanically challenged".

    I'm going to adjust the joint again...

    Dave, lets say you HAD to choose another option. What would you choose and why?

    You can PM me if you'd like so as to not p__s off any of your advertisers.

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    diving the other side

    I have a Kings adapter that has a "top hat plate that bolts to the disk brake mount on a six bolt mountain hub.Works grate but I did have some problems to start with. It started coming undone a few miles after I assembled it so I rebuilt it and used blue lock tight to keep it clamped down.

    After all was said and done I wound up spending more money on the wheel than on the engine.It took a shimano disk brake hub and a set of spokes and a eight speed cassette and a good rim. Lucky for me I build wheels (the wheel is still going the motor is toast) The main thing is that the force is directed to the hub and not the spokes and it is just about dead center so there is not a lot of worry about having the chain fly off due to a miss positioned rag joint. I had to spend another forty dollars on hardware and lock tight the mounting hardware in to make it stay but it was worth it. PLus I now am running a 36 tooth sprocket instead of the 44 that came with the kit so it lets me go at a bit faster rate.



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  10. occchopperfl

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    Thanks for sharing. Your wheelset looks bulletproof!

    I hate to be a pain, but is there any way you can PM me or post all the rest that was needed besides the tophat and the vendors/ cost breakdown please?

    I have spoken to Andy at Kings several times - nice guy, and great idea/ product.

  11. Molotov256

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    Yeah, the Kings Sales and Service sprockets and mounts look bulletproof, and the Manic Mechanic Clamshell mounts are spot on as well. The catch for myself (and I'd assume a lot of other shade tree motorbikers) is the price - not only is the sprocket and mount a little pricey, but they also require specific wheels, some of which are pretty expensive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying these high-end sprockets and mounts are OVER-priced, but not everybody with a MB has the money or inclination to spring for top of the line accessories.

    I have a Manic Mechanic mount on one of my bikes, and it works AWESOME. Super easy to install, and rock solid ever since I put it on. At $50 now from Pirate Cycles, the price is getting VERY reasonable, but finding a wheel that works within the narrow tolerances is challenging. I got lucky and was able to trade some parts with a friend for a MODUS hub wheel. If not for him, the clamshell mount wouldn't have been such a viable option.

    What's drawing me to this Pineapple mount one is that it'll work on most any 26" wheel. That's good news for people like me who build MB's out of spare parts and bikes from yard sales. Even if it strains the spokes to some extent, it can't be any worse than a properly installed ragmount, can it?
  12. jeffuehrer

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    I finally got up the courage to swap out my stock sprocket mount for a pineapple sprocket mount. I ordered the 36 spoke 14 gauge version (most common). I was pretty close to centered with my stock set-up but this set-up is perfect. As I roll my bike the chain length is exactly the same all the way around. Fortunately I had a sprocket from a previous engine kit purchase because the pineapple sprocket mount will not fit the stock sprockets. I must've gotten lucky and someone sent me a machined aluminum sprocket that fit the hole configuration exactly. The vibration has gone down considerably and it isn't jerky at lower speeds. The installation takes one tenth of the time too. I've attached a pic of it installed.

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  13. jeffuehrer

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    Urgent Update!

    Before installing my mount I looked for some photos and tips and came across a picture (similar to mine as it was my reference). To my disappointment just after just 10-20 miles one of the spokes broke. After one more broke I replaced them chalking the damage up to worn spokes from so many remounts. I assembled the mount the exact same way (top pieces overlapping bottom pieces of each other-first pic). After just one mile another broken spoke, than two more within 44 miles. I went ahead and bought a new wheel (the other wheel was spinning roughly, was six years old and beat to you know what) and thought I'd install the pineapple sprocket mount differently (top pieces aligned with bottom pieces (second pic). So far not one broken spoke after 71 miles. Suffice it to say I would mount the pineapple sprocket mount the way mine is now. I just don't want anybody else mounting it incorrectly. The funny thing is I would have mounted it that way if I had never seen a picture before. So not everything on here is iron-clad. Trial and error is still king. Safe riding mbers! :grin:

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  14. Thumper

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    Need to get ahold of one of those pineapple sprocket mounts. Where did you get yours? how much?
    thanks, thumper
  15. jeffuehrer

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  16. KCvale

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    Heck I must have a dozen of them around here, drop me an E and I'll get you one or two, I am moving and need to start shedding the parts I don't want to move.
  17. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Rubber rag joints are not pineapple-sprocket-mounts.
  18. Neo_Epoch

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    I just ordered a cnc pineapple and it should be here soon. Any tips on install, other than a matching top and bottoms? Maybe wrap a small bit of rubber electrical tape around around the spokes to cushion the pull?

    Edit: got mine through