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  1. Anton

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    Ping Battery Reviews:

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  2. slickdude

    slickdude Member

    My experience with Ping Battery is the result of thorough research. It goes directly through my review of Papamotors. But I originally researched online customer posts on the best ebike battery builder and Li Ping and his products kept appearing from users globally. No real negatives on his products. I was surprised at how very helpful Mr. Ping was and how very quickly he responded to my emails. The product is rock solid, doesn’t overheat, takes and holds a full charge, provides lots of stable and fun ebiking.

    He seems a very common sense guy who is willing to go the distance to replace anything defective or work with you. In my case, I originally got from Papamotors a defective battery charger and they sent another one after Mr. Ping had me check it. Wasn’t an issue at all. I have had 6 months on Mr. Pings batteries on my bike and trike and they are going strong. In the case of the ebike, over a hundred charges with ranges of 30 miles, or heavy hill climbing. It works, and it works very well, no issues.

    So with what I have experienced over the last 6 months or more, my experiences were top notch and flawless. If someone asks me if Ping Battery is worth doing business, by all means Mr. Ping and his group are the best and great folks too.