piping hot :D

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  1. HeadSmess

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    ive been dreading actually starting this...cutting 0.5mm stainless accurately?

    then welding it together when my stupid welder appears to not go below 40 amps? grrrr!!!!!!

    but it actually is going quite nicely :D just nasty when you blow a hole.

    shame im almost out of argon and will have to experiment with the mig gas tomozza...usually it doesnt work :(

    me thinks i need to make a low current welder especcially for this sort of work :)

    what the **** is up with the stupid attachment manager?

    5th time lucky huh?



  2. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    :sweatdrop: hard mig welding sheet thats thinner than your wire...


    think theres enough sheet left to finish it?

    3rd stage taper. technically the fourth cus i stuffed up :eek:

  3. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    my makeshift anvil :)

    reflector attached.

    surely this isnt the first trial fit?

    could do this in a day if i really tried... two days ;)

    yes, thats a ht muffler.... works just right instead of a stinger!

    next time i BUY some sheet...slightly thicker :eek:
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    That looks pretty cool!!
  5. ddesens

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    Someones got some skills. Love to hear how it runs for yah. Looks good.
  6. HeadSmess

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    right! feedback!...

    band is brilliant :D oh, the power! takes off sweet, accelerates like mad, and theres suddenly almost no vibration! tuned for about 8 1/2 grand...

    problems are... stainless steel. cracks unless you weld it in a "bath" of argon to shield both sides of the weld, and on sheet this thin, if the welder isnt low enough... grrr.

    so, looks like its mild steel this weekend, make a new one :) its already starting to look a bit ugly with all the "repairs" ive had to make... every hairline crack leaks oil, and it was developing those even as i welded! now, combined with it actually running?
    meh. this was the first attempt at one involving so many curves :) made it from a piece of old scrap i found lying around...who knows what it was exactly?

    this freakin engine just wont tune properly. gets to band then starts surging, and im all the way down to a 0.5mm jet! even before the pipe! just ordered a new 48 so ill be making the pipe for that again. i got lots of parts for em :) just not enough of the vital bits :(

    this 66 is cursed! now ive found that one of the exhaust studs hasnt stripped...the casting itself has cracked! the last two weeks has just been AAAAAARGH! 48's never had these issues!

    might tune the next one for 9.5k :eek:
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  7. ddesens

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    How did you get the plans for the pipe? I would like to try something like this myself. I am very interested.--Dave
  8. HeadSmess

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    no plans. theres software that will design the pipes for you, and software that will produce templates for cones for you, but you have to do all the maths in between... like angles of the bends, lengths of sections etc ;)

    mh aerotools has two versions of a tuned pipe designer (ones hidden in the silencer program, will design 5 stage pipes...). gives nice immediate visuals of what affects what... freeebies:D

    click and build? two stroke wizard pro. designs two and three stage pipes, bit slow, but seems to work....yet to try out a few designs though for the ultimate test ;) costs ya, but does have a link to a (freeeeeeebie!) "cone developer" program....essential for making all the segments of the curves...

    a sheet roller and a bandsaw help a bit ;) even if i did make my fiiiiirst pipe ever using a starstake and a hammer...
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