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    Since I live on the Cape Fear river in NC and the area is known for pirates, I thought I would do a theme bike for it. It didn't start out that way, but I think it looks good. I still have a couple small things to do plus remount the fenders and things. Let me know what you think. Now I just have to get a flag and fly it off the back of the bike! :chris:

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  2. That looks really good!
  3. Thatperson

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    Thank you. I added another decal to it. It's on the front to replace the Huffy decal. This pirate is one of those temporary childrens tattoo that I got out of a vending machine infront of the grocery store today. I didn't think it would work very well, but I was surprised. I applied it and waited for it to dry then clear coated over it. Looks like it will last. Not bad for 50 cents!

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  4. bikebum1975

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    Nice looking bike very inventive idea using the temp tattoo. Looks really good
  5. Happy Valley

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    Looks like you're having fun......arrrrrrrrgh.
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    nice job !!!:cool2:
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    Yes, that is good. I like it.
  8. arr! yes, and you're doing your part to help fight global warming! - arrr!
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    I got a question

    Where did you get that mirror? It's what I have been Looking for.
    Nice bike !!!
  10. Thatperson

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  11. Porkchop

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    Anything red gets my attention. Nice, very nice looking bike !
  12. V 35

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    Good for you, using the vending machine ' tatoo ' for a headset badge. I tried some
    decal sheets on my inkjet printer, they looked great, but ' fubared ' when wet,
    apparently the ink is water soluable, despite clear sprays of various quanties and brands.
    The problem is, once the decal seperates from the backing, the ink gets wet, and smears.

    Your graphics are so cool, their should be a forum on Bike Graphics
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    how is that?
    these things belch out more hydrocarbons than a car.
  14. motorpsycho

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    go buy a water slide decal making kit for model cars, made by testors.
    they give you decal paper, a c.d.that has some designs on it, and a clear bonder in the kit.
    you print the design on the decal paper with your inkjet printer, cut it out, spray 2 coats of the decal bonder over it and let it dry for a day. then you just soak it in water, wait for it to loosen from it's paper backing and slide it onto place.
    once the decal is on and totally dry (after a day or 2) you can spray clear coat over it to protect it and to help keep it in place if you get caught in the rain or wash your bike.

    if you can print it, you can turn it into a decal with this kit, and the better the printer, the better they look.