Break In pirate cycles billet head(break in)?...

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by crowvise, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. crowvise

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    My flying horse was stolen 8--20.
    I purchased a 2010 grubee from gasbike last week.
    It will be here by this friday.
    I believe the piratecycle's $50 billet head is compatable with the grubee. I will be ordering it this thursday or next.
    Should I break in the motor before or after installing the billet head for best overall engine preformance/power? Or does it matter?
    I believe I once read that before installing an expansion chamber exaust the motor should be run in. Does this apply to the billet head? How about boost bottles(will it be better to break in the motor with the bottle installed?
    Also how much increase in power can I expect from the billet head?

  2. Nitropeewee

    Nitropeewee Member

    Id break it in all stock n wait on the goodies. Just to be safe.
  3. adb140275

    adb140275 Member

    put the head on it and run it... not gonna make a difference for the break in....
  4. motorpsycho

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    I'd run it all stock for awhile and then add the high performance parts one at a time.
    That way you can see / feel if they make a difference in performance or not.
    If you just throw the new head on before you ever ride it, how will you know for sure if you get an increase or decrease in performance?
    I think it's always best to add high performance parts one at a time because then you can tell if the part gives you more / less power, how the part makes the engine run and idle, how easier / harder it is to start.
    sometimes when you add a bunch of parts at once, and you have a problem, it's tough to determine exactly which part is giving you the problem.
    By adding them one at a time, it is easier to pinpoint the problem.
    add a billit head, runs great. add an expansion chamber, runs better, add a high flow air filter, runs a little better, add a high perf carb., runs like **** and won't idle.
    now you can work backwards because it ran great until you added the carb.
    add all the parts at once and you end up with an idle problem or a, which part is causing the problem?
  5. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    break it in with the billet head. The higher compression and combustion pressures will seat the rings quicker.
  6. crowvise

    crowvise Member

    Thx all 4 the feedback.
    Work shedule + library hours = my response tine
  7. gothicguy64

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    greetings from nsw

    my old bike has a rocksolid 48 cc hp1 with ceramic piston ,billet head ,um long street pipe an 44 tooth rear .

    b4 i destroyed my shaft bike i ran in
    so far motor has run 2300 km
    my friend has a stock grubee 48 starfire

    my bike is at least 2 as powerfull as stock motor
    i used to go 10 kmh faster tho
    my new bike is not tech a normal fit but it does have front disk mounts on ajustable forks (rebound)all ill need is a 50 mm front motor mount an to mount tank on rear rack ...
    plus a jackshaft , expansion , h/d cleaner

    all for sum time in jan 2011

  8. crowvise

    crowvise Member

    billet purchase temporarly on hold.
    long story...
    who the **** sells new kits with TWO carbon coated spark plugs:veryangry: At least the cap cover was freaking shiny:36:
  9. spad4me

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    The happytimes that seemed to last were all run at the factory.
    They had carbon from being tested at the factory or by the importer.
    I only buy rc engines from one place they test thousands of chinese engines at the factory.
    Maybe ten are good enough.
    The fools who purchase direct from the factory are #%$%.
    There is NO quality control at all.