Pistol Permits and MB travel

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    As a resource for members legally having a Pistol Permit, It can get confusing as to where you can carry or not. Make sure you don't take this site at it's word (I have not found errors yet), but do research thier info!


    In the resources bar click on the reciprocity map link. From there click on the state or states you have your permit in. Site will list what other states recognize your permit or permits!

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    Cool site thanks!
    Open carry FTW
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    Many people don't know it, but there is what is called a peacefull journey clause. If you are moving or traveling through a state your not permitted in, you may have your pistol unassembled ammo seperate ect. So long as your destination is a place where you can legally have your pistol. Run a Google search for it!

    Sounds kind of funny (peacefull Journey), (like an Indian in a Cannoe), but it's the real deal!
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    I just picked up a Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm a couple weeks ago because it had a rebate ending the next day... so I read the reviews and it sounded like perfect timing to me.

    I'm definitely gonna have to look more into the laws. I won't be getting my CCW for a while, which means I definitely have to know where I can have it, in what fashion, and who's around me.

    Without a CCW, I can bring it in my car from point A to B. But can it be loaded? What about unloaded in its case in my backpack while riding my MB outta the city? What about a regular bicycle? If I'm walking, can it be unassembled in the same fashion in my backpack? Does CCW only apply to loaded guns?

    Guess I'm gonna have to go check out that link, MM. Thanks.
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    Hey Sparky

    At any time you can PM me so as to avoid posting your personal info on the board.

    Not sure how things are done down there??? Up here in NY me and the boys have been rocking the boat for a while now. NY States issues a permit to carry and some of our counties feel that although it's a state permit they can stick thier nose in and restrict it to "target and hunting only". I had to change Counties and reregister to get my full carry here in NY. Give me some background on your state laws and I bet I could help tilt the favor your way. NY is the best at being in the business of creating hardship for law abidding citizens!
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    I love Colorado which is an open carry state except for several socialists cities. I can carry a loaded weapon in a holster mostly anywhere as long as it is visible on my hip holster. I do this every once in a while to freak out the California transplants at the local mall. Yes, I do not care for those who ruined their state and are fleeing it to come to mine to do the same to it with their politics and belief system...but that's another topic.

    A CCW is your best bet. I used to carry concealed whenever I rode my motorcycle when I lived in Alabama. I usually took my motorcycle to ride it to the local gun range to have fun plinking.

    Buy your small arms while you can. The days are numbered for our freedoms and liberties.
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    I'm not that shy.

    Well, I just looked up the 2 sections I could find -- 1 on concealed carry, 1 on open carry. Wikipedia states that open carry "may" be lawful, but the MS Code pretty much doesn't mention it. As for concealed carry, I'd have to have a permit and obviously can't bring it in certain places like schools, courthouses, churches, sporting events (excluding gun related ones), etc.

    There is one part that allows me to bring it to the woods for target practice, tho... and fishing! Hehe.

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    Sounds to me like you can take your MB and Pistol fishing??? Carry a drop line hook and bobber with you in your pack!
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    This thought sickens me also. The same idiots raising the Gehtto animals are the same idiots allowed to vote and worse, collect our tax money, thus having all the time in the world to sit home and lobby!

    The majority of the legal gun owners in this Country have jobs that don't afford them this time. I wish I was a high ranking official because I'd go through the list of people squawking and find out who was on Welfare and Disability.

    I would then place those that were in call center related jobs. They obviously have no problem using a phone... Gun Control problems solved!
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    i got my florida cwfl about 9 months ago.
    i carried a highpoint 45(i know i know high point sucks) for the first month.god that thing was bulky lol but it was accurate and dependable.sold it for what i bought it for.

    second gun was a sigma 40 i bought brand new for 299.would hold 15 rounds and was accurate.i took a spring out of it to lighten the trigger pull a little.wound up selling it for 300 bucks.

    third and last gun was a rock island armory 1911 commander in the picture.
    i recently sold it so i could put new tires on my motorcycle and i took an 80 loss on that one.now im gunless but im working on getting another.im thinking ill go back to a sigma 40.it was perfect.

    the ak bullpup in the picture of an ak i had but sold.lol, i sell everything!!!

    figured i thow a video of my bike http://youtu.be/yHZpmk7e9Uk

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    o yeah i can go to 35 other states and carry with my cwfl.
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    I regret selling my Sigma 9, as well. :(

    Was a good gun, but I just didn't know how to hold a DAO gun at the time...
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    the sigma has an extra hard trigger pull so there is no need for a safety.

    i got the 1911 because there all metal but looking back i didnt like having to take the safety off to shoot it.thats why i like the sigma,pull that ***** out and shes ready to go.

    the sigmaand the high point were more accurate than the 1911.
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    Registered firearms?

    Don't own any, and won't own any. Private purchase and cash transactions are untraceable. I have no intention of being in any police agency database of known weapons owners, after watching the illegal seizure of firearms in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. They used the registration lists first.
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    This is why I never wanted to lighten the trigger pull, because the heavy trigger pull is a "feature".

    Honestly, tho, I have trained myself to keep all safeties OFF with an empty round in the chamber. After dealing with several different actions, I figured that this was the best bet for consistency between them all. Just my preferred method... so if I do get a Sigma again, which I likely will... I probly will lighten the trigger pull.

    Only when playing Duck Hunt. :detective:


    Surplus food is all it takes to get raided by your government nowadays...

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    In the earlier days of mountain biking, early 90s, we would pack heat when riding in the woods. Too many wierdos.