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    hello, for some reason i decided to take apart my engine to see how it all worked. well in the process i broke the top piston ring... and i am curious as to if i left the remainder on and used it broke would it be ok??

    or where could i buy one i broke off about half an inch of it. so it still is pretty much the whole piston

    thanks for the help


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    i also forgot.. its an 80cc happy time
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    The edge of the ring can probably catch the edge of a port now and do some major damage. I would get a new set of rings before I ran it again.

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    even if i grind it down like the other side? and that was my other question.. where do you buy them or does anyone have spare parts?!
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    There is a locating pin in the groove where the rings go. It keeps ring from rotating, so the ring ends will always be contacting the cylinder wall - and not the edge of a port. If enough of the ring is busted off, it will be able to rotate far enough for the ring to snag a port edge. Aside from that, the engine will have lousy compression from the blowby that the excessive ring gap will create.

    You can buy a set of rings from sellers BoyGoFast or Powerkingshop on eBay.
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    If you really really need to run the bike, you can probably get away with just running one ring. Put the unbroken ring in the top spot. This would be preferable than running a broken ring. (because I know you really want to ride your bike!)

    A lot of small two strokes used in lawn equipment only have one piston ring.
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    I've heard of ppl only using one piston ring but i don't think it's the brightest idea on the planet(maybe in an emergency,if your stuck)
    Go back to where u bought the kit & get another SET of rings cos kits vary from vendor to vendor so best to play it safe.

    BTW..."SET" of rings cos if i broke a ring i'de be mad with myself & had to go one better.
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    man oh man -- don't we hate it when we do THINGS such as this !!!

    try to relax -- we have all been to this PLACE with the bad TASTE

    sorry to inform a motor biker who just wants to ride that motor bike THING

    but -- there IS NO WAY one should ride the not up to par ((((( broken ))))) piston now

    new rings are not only needed but ((((( required as a must ))))) at this time......

    ride the motor bike THING