pixel size to post pics?

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  1. sinister peddler

    sinister peddler New Member

    Hi ya guys,,I been having a problem trying to post pics of my build...whats the ideal pixel size??:whistling:

  2. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    I pretty much use 750 pixel wide for pics that display as is in forums like mine but this site will re-size whatever pic you IMG take to 700 and display the full size when you click it, for those I find 1280P wide to be just fine.

    What may be throwing you here is in Preview Post display it does not do that, it will when you actually post it ;-}
  3. sinister peddler

    sinister peddler New Member

  4. Stoltzee

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    Today's standard for internetty is jpeg (Joint Photographers Exchange) Never save below 300 DPI. Anything above 600 DPI is byte consuming. Other formats such as psd etc... would be used if you want to Photoshop the image, and go even larger if you want to do some graphic arts for print. This site will fit the picture with out distorting it. This picture is 800p wide by 600p high. It cropped it.

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  5. Fabian

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    If you can use your camera or mobile phone properly and take crisp images, then 1024 or 1280 is perfect for these forums.
  6. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    I was mistaken about this side resizing pics, like mine pics that are too wide tend screw up all the text but 750 wide seems to work well and just links for the rest if you don't upload here but link with IMG tags.

    There is an art to taking good focused topic pictures and it is not just the camera but the background, lighting, resolution and how you edit them as well as few raw pics are just right for showing something in detail in my book anyway.

    We bought a 12.3 Mega Pixel Cannon camera on sale a few years back and I shoot all my pics at 3264x2448 pixels on it and go from there on my PC with an old free version of Paint Shop Pro 4.1 for it's flat out speed and just the right 'things' I want to do with a raw pic like cut out the focus and re-sample it to whatever sizes and format I want to save in which is usually .jpg but .gif for my animations pics.

    In short with every build I tend to end up with about 10 pics of a given build in different rez and detail saves.

    Seeings as I just happened to finish up a new build this morning and just took pics and processed them anyway here is an example that may help you make better digital pics to share, if you care to show the detail of your work that is ;-}

    This is the raw camera pic of one side.

    This is a 1280 re-sampled cut out detail pic.

    This is the cut out and re-sampled down to 1280 wide pic of the whole bike.

    And below is the 750 wide pic I use for most forum posting.


    Those are the 'ugly side' pics, this is the pretty side in case you you were curious about this Phat Sea Wind with a 2012 Skyhawk 66 came out.


    When I have time I also save the 750 pixel pics as .gif's and drop them in Easy GIF Animator, another handy free easy tool, and make a single pic that shows both sides like this.


    Please don't expect to be able to do these kinds of things on a first try as I have been doing it for over a decade but I hope it gives you an idea how to share your work with others on-line and maybe, just maybe, make you pay a bit more attention to your build looks as just doing this for every build sure shaped how everything I built now when I see every flaw in a pic on my PC in extreme detail.

    Again just a tip at an opportune time I hope helps some of you.
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  7. Stoltzee

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    Nice pics KC. I understand what your saying, because of a graphic arts background including some photo and video editing, but for the layman?????? 5x6????
  8. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Picture height is irrelevant, only pic width is important.

    In your paint program after you cut out your perfect shot just Re-Sample the size to 700 pixels or so wide but select the 'keep aspect ratio' box and just enter your width and hit tab, the height will calculate itself and again height don't matter.