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  1. wilbur

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    Hi .I am thinking of switching over to a PK80 engine and I was wondering which company has the best bang for the buck.I did check the review area but its hard to tell.I am thinking of getting one from Zoombikes.Has any one got info on how durable these engines are?.Thanks.

  2. Junster

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    My motor was from Zoom I've had very good luck with it. They were friendly and helpful. One thing the manual and their site has a typo. It says to break in use 16:1 oil mix ok that is correct. The typo is, it says mix 6oz in 1 gallon that's like 24:1. 8oz in one gallon is 16:1
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    Just goes to say the manufacturer doesn't even know how much oil to use in the engine. 16:1 is crazy too much and will do nothing but kill mosquitos and other bugs. 32:1 is where I start.
  4. wilbur

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    Most of the makers of these engines say to run a 16to1 mix at break in.My Tecuseh 49er runs at 25to 1 and is smokey ,and I do not run Syunthetic oil ,I run the regular two stroke oil.
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    I think 16:1 is a good start mix but just for the first gallon. These aren't what you would call precise motors. I have had no smoking problems with valvoline 2 cycle for air cooled engines even at 16:1. Outboard oil is for water cooled motors. I went 8oz for 1st gal. then 7 then 6. I'm almost out of the first quart I bought and I'll switch to synthetic next then I may go 5oz per gallon but I think 4oz (32:1) may not be enough for these motors.