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Jul 23, 2012
just started using these since my old supplier quit - finished testing and ordered 10 kits for now - I want some of the kit parts changed, so will have to wait to get more kits after they ship them into US - I cannot get the wide front mount in black color so will need to paint my own

I like the motors, but am not sure if all sellers have same motors - the ones I'm using are:

These seem to have a bit more vibration at low speed (due to 40mm stroke I'm guessing), but it smooths out a bit at speed - seems to pull up hills better at low speed - has an aggressive hone on cylinder that gets close to full power after only a mile or so of run in. Ports looked good, but base gaskets weren't oiled, so I oiled all mine (note that there are two gaskets to clear that 40mm stroke).
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