planning a build

theres alotta information in this reply and i understood less than half of it, im not going for peak performance , just faster than i can manually pedal without breaking every other day is my minimum wish for a motorized bike.
Just wondering, what's your budget?
Just wondering, what's your budget?
currently nothing, i wanna aim for sub $200 but right now im making a list to show what i need and how much itll all cost. the cheaper i start, the sooner i can work, the sooner i can upgrade for reliability and eventually end up in a car again
Do you already have a bike to build on? A four stroke probably won't fit in your mountain bike all too well


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if im honest, idk the difference, just that it has front and rear gears for other terrain
Is the bicycle gears a 3x7? Here's the cheapest 4 stroke kit I could find.

49cc 4-Stroke Gas Motorized Bike Engine DIY Bicycle Petrol Motor Kit Chain Drive Single Cylinder 1.4kw
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