Planning my 1st mb project :)

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by xRegginoy, Jun 20, 2009.

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    Hi all, after seeing a few mbs around my city and reading this forum, I have decided to make one on my own. Buying one wouldn't be as interesting. The forum description say it includes projects so I think this part of the board would be appropriate.

    For my mb I have decided to purchase this engine from zoombicycles

    I contacted them and they said they would ship to San Diego. :D


    As for the bike, I'm not really sure. At the moment I don't own a bike, it was unfortunately stolen 2 months ago. I was thinking about buying the kit just to check it out and familiarize my self with the parts, I only know about maybe 4 things haha. I was thinking of some kind of cruiser bike and I decided I would try to find one that would allow frame mounting. I'm also on sort of on a tight budget and I will probably have to purchase a used bike off of Craigslist, but hey, people sell some pretty good ones for cheap. Being only a bit older than 15 1/2 and not 16 yet, hopefully I can find a job for some money to spend on upgrades.

    I've been looking at head and tail lights and I have a 3 in 1 electric honking, brake light, and turn signals on the way to my house (similar to the one being sold on zoombicycles).
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  2. skjjoe

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    You can get some prety good bikes from target and walmart for under $150 bucks but craigslist is a good place to start.Good luck with your build and post lots of pics ,we like pics:grin5:Oh and a cruiser will need some kind of front mount to get you going. sick bike parts sells a good one that i used on mine
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  3. give me vtec

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    I wouldn't use a wal mart bike. I checked them out for my build and they seem cheep, I dont know how well they will hold up to the torque. Its not the frame, its the parts on the frame... Just my 2 cents.
  4. xRegginoy

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    Thanks for the advice and the luck. Don't worry, I know that everyone likes pics. What do you mean "front mount"? :eek:

    Pictures are bad quality but does this bike look like it could handle an engine. The bottle holder is removable I assume.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    edit 11:13pm
    so far on the bike search... a guy i messaged on craigslist about a mountain bike, wasn't any detailed description or pic, he said
    "basically I bought it off craigslist when I moved to california in
    December. It's a full suspension bike from wal-mart and honestly if
    you came and picked it up you can have it for free. It's in ok shape
    and rides well, I just need to get rid of it. Lemme know if

    Hopefully ok shape is good enough for an mb haha, jk. I'll probably have to do some tune up to it.

    Then I got a reply from some one about this bike which was listed as "a pretty decent bike for sale, it's a bit on the smaller side"
    and they said i could check it out tomorrow.

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  5. xRegginoy

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    update, been gone since monday cause i attended a leadership training for jrotc,and it was.. interesting.

    i got my engine from zoombicycles. heres pics.

    ... i still need to find my self a bike.
  6. give me vtec

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    ...Oh man that was a good day for me :)

    Enjoy the build... then enjoy the ride...
  7. go to walmart and get a scwhinn del mar cruiser,i got one for $99 and its the best bike i ever had.
  8. xRegginoy

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    Still on the hunt for a bike... :p
  9. Hawaii_Ed

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    I love the smell of those kits :)

    Good luck on the hunt! Maybe roll through the neighborhood on trash night and see what is left out too :) I found an OCC Chopper that way. Living on a military base, I saw people trash good bikes all the time!
  10. xRegginoy

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    i finally found a decent bike for cheap, i know i know, why buy something cheap if you're going to be going 25+ on it.

    it was $50 and i'll be picking it up in about 30 minutes


    described as, schwinn 26" mens ranger mountain bike

    Still has original tires and barcode - rarely used. Must move. Less than 1/3 the price! cash only
    SCHWINN with shimano gears featuring grip shift
    style S2600TG

    anyone know of any negative things about this bike?
  11. xRegginoy

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    well i got the bike :D. says he barely used it and its just been in his garage, and i believe him with that. bike just has a bit of dirt on it but thats aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. :D.

    this shall be interesting..

    excuse my dirty garage :)
  12. Hawaii_Ed

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    Looks to be in good shape for the money! Most people build the beach crusiers to start with, but you are smart to get multi-gears. Can pedal assist with single speed, and when you get more serious, add a shift kit! :)

    There is a spacer for the back of the engine to push it forward and give you more room for the carb/air cleaner. Should be with your kit.
  13. xRegginoy

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    Thank you Hawaii_Ed for the advice :). Yes there is a spacer for the back of the engine, I screwed it off while I was trying out how to position it on the bike. I haven't started anything yet (will tomorrow), just wanted to make sure there was pedal clearance.

    One question, what am I supposed to do with the front of the engine, its hard to tell but in the first picture, it can't go around the frame. :thinking:
  14. Hawaii_Ed

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    That is a common problem on these builds, you have a few options. The worst is to drill the frame, you put a plate across the two bolts with a hole in the middle, and then put a bolt through that, through the frame. Option two is to buy or fab a mount using a muffler clamp. I like that better.

    I love everything from these guys:

    While you are there, pick up an NGK plug and a wire at least too :)
  15. xRegginoy

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    After being bored and decided to just check out the parts, I attached the carburetor. I was about to go crazy when I couldn't get the whole engine to fit with it on, i was like :shout:, then I removed the front engine studs then it fit. :p.

    Haven't done much as you can see...



    Problems i've come across...
    The screw (or at least I think its the screw) for the control box isn't long enough so I'm going to need to find another....

    The wires wired to the brakes are on top of the bike underneath the gas tank (i THINK I can get it to a point that the gas stank is steady but isn't too tight on the break wire)

    im going to need to figure something out for the front mount (do I even need one? puahaha).

    Its probably impossible to see in the small pictures but if you happen to spot something wrong, please tell me :p.
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  16. xRegginoy

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    I've installed the sprocket and shortened the chain and that parts working great.

    Still need to:
    Install clutch mechanism (kinda confusing, not sure what goes through where).

    Get longer screws for control box.

    Get front mount.

    Get some gas :D.

    I believe thats all :).

    I'll get the screws tomorrow and install the clutch probably tomorrow to if can figure it out. I hope to be done by tomorrow afternoon.

    The screws on the control box anyone what size they are?
  17. javelina1

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    What size frame is that? small? medium?
  18. xRegginoy

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  19. xRegginoy

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    Biddy biddy bump bump.

    Which measurement do I use?



    I know from the top it doesn't look anywhere 2 inches but thats because the angle the picture was taken at. I think from the top its like 2 1/4" (safe) to not touch the frame, 2" will probably work.

    From the side (its pretty long), 2" looks about to be the measurement. If I purchase the front mount will the "U" bolt be long enough to go past the frame?
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  20. kiwirider

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    Looking good. The bike was a good score.
    You do need the mount, glad to see you went with Sick Bike Parts gear. From what I have seen, they are the best to deal with and can offer advice on the parts they sell you.
    Have you got the clutch worked out?
    You can attach the 'control box' with cable ties in place of bolts. I think your frame is too big for the bolts that come with the kit.
    I also remember reading on this site about the tank spacers for bike with cables running down the top of the frame. You don't want a loose tank. If it can go wrong, it will. Try searching the fourm for this..
    When I put my kit on, I was in a hurry to get it on the street and didn't put the tank on well (same reason as you, cables) well after it fell off, I had to find a new tank...

    When you are ready to roll, it should be all fun!