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I am very excited. Tomorrow my Titan should be delivered by Fedex. I wasn't home when they tried to deliver it on Friday. Anyhow, I got a new bike to mount the Titan to and I have a couple questions for you frame rack folks and other Titan owners. Can I use this tank to increase my range? I am starting a new job that is 30 miles from my house and would prefer not to have to fill up my tank every time I go to or from work. Also, could I use a freewheel hub/axle setup like this to mount the sprocket directly to the hub and save stress on my spokes? OR should I forgo the freewheeling and just custom drill a sprocket with 6 holes and use the disc hub that is there already? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)

thats a great looking bike...ought to be comfy!!

It shouldn't be too hard to rig up a larger fuel tank.

I believe this is the elusive grubee hub, that nobody sells. :confused:

azbill drilled a sprocket to match his disc-brake wheel.
I don't think you'll have room on the rear for a sprocket & brake disc, side by side anyway. But it looks like your bike has rim-brakes too.

keep us posted.
Yea I put a v brake on the rear because I knew I couldn't use the disc brake with the sprocket in the way. I just haven't taken the disc off the wheel yet. As for the elusive grubee hub I have one already that I ordered last year and have not used yet. I am beginning to lean towards using the disc hub to mount the sprocket anyway, though. I am still looking for a 36 or 40 tooth sprocket that will fit my purpose here. Any ideas where I can get a sprocket like that? I know Andrew from King's makes them but the cost of buying one of those makes that an upgrade item that must come later I'm afraid.
You'll be okay with the fixed sprocket. I can still pedal my bike rather easy with engine off.
It's gonna look sweet.
A bigger tank is only going to mean you gotta stretch that leg over or you can do like I do and put my knee on the seat and swing over my leg below my knee... It's cool how I do it. Trust me.
I get 40 miles on my 1/4 gallon tank and I keep about the same amount in a plastic water canteen from the Army/Navy store. That's what I do anyway.
And I did this Pannier mod on my bike using a large laundry detergent container:

Please take lots of pics of your build!
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Personally i would try to use the's heavy duty sealed bearings & those bearings can be tapped-out for easy replacement,and/or if u need to turn the axle around for clearance issues.It also has a large amount of versatility to move the engine drive sprocket inwards/outwards.The drum brake is a bonus although i hear they don't work particularly well.
At the mo i'm waiting for 13G spokes for my hub so i can't say if everything works perfect...i'll know this week.
The larger tank should work fine,but if your going to have your new tank below carby level you'll need a pumping carby or a seperate pump to pump fuel to the carby.I'm NOT 100% sure about this but i figure the Titan hasn't got that sorta carb from standard.
Yea I'm pretty sure I remember seeing a post where Duane said the Titan was gravity fed and needed to have the tank above the carb. Eventually I want to put a peanut tank from a motorcycle on the bike and use the pumping carb. 3.1 gallons would give me all the distance I need I'm pretty sure. For the moment, I'm hoping to use the 96 oz Staton tank and find a way to mount it above the titan to save myself the trouble of replacing the carb. As for the hub, I will probably eventually have the wheelmaster do it up but I'm between jobs just now and unemployment doesn't afford such luxuries. I am even considering trying out a set of those aluminum mag wheels discussed here. I am just afraid to catch Bryan from revolution on a bad day and never get anything I can use for my money. I guess I could buy the wheels themselves and just drill out a sprocket to use with them. That all is a ways off in the future after I get a real job, though unfortunately. Anyhow, thanks for your imput folks. :)

The Titan fuel tank bolts on the bottom on the right side I believe. With a little hardware and thinking, you will be able to make that tank work on top. It will be interestion to see you get you leg over, but you can always stand on the curb and lean the bike to you and step over. You won't believe the ride of a motorized full suspension bike. You might consider cruiser bars or bmx bars so you don't have to ride bent over

With that rear kickstand you are in good shape. I'm excited and can't wait to see your rig in the picture gallery.
Ok ok it's here! It's here! I am excited and my girlfriend was making fun of me. Anyway I am surprised and delighted at the heavy duty nature of all the components of this kit. I won't have a chance to start putting it together until tomorrow or the next day but I will definitely have it done by this weekend. In the mean time, do I need to replace the nuts and bolts from this kit like I did with my Grubee? They seem to be solid and of higher quality than the Chinese ones from the Grubee kit but I figured I would ask. As far as the height of the bars, I was planning on replacing them with a Gull Wing BMX set that I have in storage but it will have to wait until I can buy a new set of cables, as the ones on the bike won't reach to the top of the higher BMX bars.


PS - O yea... there is some kind of molex connector on one end of the wires coming out of the magneto for the kill switch. However it doesn't match the end of the kill switch wires from the throttle assembly. Do I just need to cut it off and splice the wires together or can I buy a connector to match?
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I'm probably going to replace both my chains(or atleast one) but that's just me...i'm fanatical about chains.
Yea I have some bmx chain I was going to try and use instead of the 415 than came with it. I hate the stretching that those fat chains do. Besides, Dax uses a thin sprocket that is PERFECT for bmx chain. Plus they don't stretch and are much lighter than the 415 chain.