Planning out my first MB project.. Help and suggestions, please!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by lilbowser, May 17, 2015.

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    Hi there! I am new to the forum, but have been lurking for the past couple weeks. :whistling: I've been researching a lot, and slowly figuring out what my plans will be for my bike (I like planning) :grin5:

    So far, I think I will be starting out with the "GT-5 Pro Racing" 2 stroker from Gasbike. I guess the first thing on my list when I buy it is dismantling, and making sure everything looks a-ok, knowing the quality of these china motors, I'd rather be safe. I think it's a decent value, and I am mostly buying it for the head it comes with. Any suggestions for other motors under $200 would be great though. My goals are speed, and I'm dreaming of a little over 40mph. Not sure if this would reach that, but I think it's the right direction.

    From there, I'm going to try and do some mods from Jaguar's site, and some others. This is somewhat the order I plan on doing them:

    -Replace stock hardware with SBP nuts and bolts
    -Replace carb with a Mikuni or Dellorto
    -Install the Jaguar CDI
    -Check head compression, if <135psi, lathe to around 135
    -Extend intake
    -Port engine

    -Get SBP Torque Pipe? (Possibly others? Suggestions please)
    -Do Jaguar's JBWeld transfer port mod
    -Install Reed Valve
    -Get 36 tooth sprocket

    -Get Skyhawk GT-2 Frame
    -Get SBP shift kit
    -Install good disc brakes
    -Transfer everything over to GT-2 frame.

    That's the general plan, and I'm really excited to kick it off. Thoughts and suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks!

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    Sounds like a great plan. I would break-in the motor in stock form before adding the goodies.
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    Basic Question from Newbie

    From what I have read I concur with the last post in that the break in is VERY important. I would think starting with an engine that you know is running well before taking it apart would be a wise decision. I also am planing, and intend to begin a bike shortly and love your upgrade list. I am not yet clear on a basic issue. I intend to buy a Huffy beach bike BUT is it a three speed! For a first try should I scrap that and get a single speed or it it a real issue. Finally, I am up for any 2 cycle engine. Is one more highly recommended in this forum than others as far as reliability, parts, etc.