Plans for a 2 speed dog clutch gearbox

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Toddmoto, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Alright do-it Yourselfer's...After saying I don't have time to build you one a million times...I took the time to draw up a simple 2 speed Hi-Low range gear box. small enough to fit a frame & tough enough to hammer on.

    Originaly designed to use with a tiny electric motor, I have upgraded the prototype & regularly push 3 hp through it. Aproaching a year of mostly off-road abuse without a glitch.

    here are a couple photos of the unit.
    on the bike..(its there)

    Any way, there it is if any one wants to scale it to fit their application
    reduction is 1.86-1 in low & 1.1-1 in high.
    Hope to see some built by the do-ers around. Thanks for looking & good Luck!

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  2. GearNut

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    Very cool! Thank you for taking the time to develop it and sharing the blueprints for it.
    This is very generous of you!
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    Thank you, very nicely done
  5. Toddmoto

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    that, my man, is beautiful :)

    combine with my mini generator im scratching up...

    i fear i have the same deal! time and money! the big one on the books at the mo is to retro my mill to CNC....then i can start being nasty to ally again :) accurately....
  7. buck

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    Great Build. Wish that i had one for a Honda GXH50. Two thumbs up!!!!!
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    Nice work! Thanks for sharing, Toddmoto.

    Where do you get your synchronous belts/pulleys?
  9. Toddmoto

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    Thanks Lou,
    I use Stock drive products for the little details.
    they are quick on shipping & allways have stock......little pricy though.
    (i am a cheap sk8 at heart)
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    Very nice piece of kit