Plasma or LCD?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by arceeguy, Dec 21, 2008.

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    Looks like my old 27" TV is starting to go. (Its 18 years old!)
    I see that Plasma TV's around 42" (720p resolution) are selling for less than 42" LCD (1080p resolution). To me, it looks like the plasma sets have better picture quality (colors and contrast) than the LCD, even though they aren't "full HD" resolution. Does it really matter for a 42" set?

    Sales guy said that image "burn in" are not an issue anymore, and the life of the plasma displays are the same as a CRT. Would I be making a mistake? If I buy a new set, I don't really plan on buying another one for a long time. Anyone have any bad experiences with plasma TV's?

  2. Skyliner70cc

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    My 25 year old TV is still going strong but we've decided to move it into the bedroom and get a LCD one when we purchase our new home. 2-3 years ago, plasma TV's had the edge on picture quality but the newer name brand LCDs are equal or better according to Best Buy store manager who is a friend of ours. I'd say, get what you like and can afford and don't worry about it. If it lasts as long as your old TV, then you did good :)
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    I have a 52" Toshiba Regza LCD with 1080. I am very happy with it and have had it about six months. It operates at a cooler temperture than a plasma and is supposed to use less electrity. I have that one in my bedroom and am planning to get another one like it for the den. My other tv's are crt 32" models. I will be replacing them with lcd's at they wear out.
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    You poor bastids actually spend money on TV... Am I to assume you actually watch it too? *dry heaves*

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    "poor bastids?" Do I sense a touch of elitism here?

    I'm assuming that if you guys in New Hampshire had something better to do than to listen to "Click and Clack" on public radio, you would. :jester:
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    LCDs are the better of the two depending on what you are using them for if you are going to be doing any gaming LCDs win hands down. The LCD has a faster respone time for drawing the picture and make sure you look for 1080p best highest quality. I don't have one yet myself but have been reading on them for a while. The LCDs also do have a longer life then the plasmas do. I am into compute repairs but I have never seen a laptop LCD last a real long time so I am not truly sold on the technology claims that they will last as long as claimed. Personally I don't see them lasting anywheres near as long as a tube TV will at least not yet. But I guess only time will tell on that. Not being bias but from what I have read on them Samsung and having one of thier TVs they are one of the top companies out there plus they are one of the main suppliers to all the other copanies fr the film used to make the screen. Hope that helps ya
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    Just buy a Sony RP that was state of the art before the whole flat screen thing came along. The picture quality is good enough for any of the **** that mainstream TV spews. And yes you can take that as an elitist remark because I think TV is an instrument of the devil, although we do have one for watching documentary's and movies on.

    Veg on.
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    Ehm, no. The elites are the reason I hate TV. I see no reason to pay for the fantastic pleasure of being brainwashed. I got my intarweb and my shortwave for staying informed or entertained. Besides, if I'm not sitting in front of the "tube" with a blank stare on my face I can be doing other things that need to be done. You can't ever say "yep I'm finished, nothing to work on or do around here. I think I'll just swill some beer and stuff my face while I enjoy the game." Thats a waste of valuable time. Much to be done in preparation for... well... whatever may happen in this crazy god-forsaken place.
  9. arceeguy

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    The "elites" are the reason why you hate TV? Please explain!

    As far as paying for the "fantastic pleasure of being brainwashed" goes, I think that the best programming is on cable or satellite, so I'll gladly pay for it. You don't think that you are getting "brainwashed" from your "intarweb" and shortwave radio? Programming on shortwave stations are no more than political propaganda in many cases, and your "intarweb" is a cesspool of biased news, porn, and someone trying to sell you something. In other words, no different from the television programming you scoff at. So while you eat brie, drink wine, and sip on your double-mocha-latte while you surf your "intarweb", I will swill my beer and watch a football game. :D

    Getting back to the original subject, I am getting a 42" plasma (720p) from my sister-in-law. She has one in the basement that isn't being used, and offered it to us. I think it is a Pioneer.

    bikebum - Is the backlighting technology on a LCD TV any different than a LCD computer monitor? I have noticed that the older LCD panels we have at work have a yellowish tint to them, while the newer ones have a pure white background. I installed a set of new cold cathode lamps in a three year old NEC monitor and it looks normal again. We are also having problems with bad capacitors in various flat panel displays, which knocks out the backlighting. Overall, we are having more trouble with the flat panel computer displays than the old CRT based models we are replacing!

    My worry is that these plasma or LCD displays are not as trouble free as a CRT television. Since the CRT has been around for so long, it has been pretty much perfected to the point that the circuits around them often fail before the tube dies. I installed a "booster" on my old Magnavox, and that has brought the picture back bright and sharp, but for how long? I think we will keep the old set around for video games so we don't fight over the "main" TV in the family room.
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    The difference is that the internet and shortwave come from many different sources from around the world. Your TV programming is controlled by just a couple mega-corporations with very specific interests and goals. I get little to no ads on the net as I have filtering software and -I- choose what to read and see. TV programming is called PROGRAMMING for a reason. I'm glad you used that specific word in your retort. Enjoy!

    "It's fortunate for governments that people do not think" - Adolf Hitler
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    It didn't take long for Godwin's Law to rear it's ugly head on this thread...
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    Well, he didn't call any of us Nazi's, so technically I don't think Godwin's law was invoked.

    However, he did basically say that anyone here that watches television is a "programmed" idiot that doesn't think. I would imagine that the majority of folks here enjoy television, and can intelligently form their own world opinions from the various sources available. I sure did enjoy watching football and stuffing my face all day yesterday on my new (to me) TV. :tt1: Gotta get HD service though. The picture is still pretty good, but can be much better.

    Personally, I think internet sources are more biased than television news and like I stated before, shortwave broadcasts are propaganda from the originating country. (Like our own Voice of America)