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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by CJH, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. CJH

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    This is a plastic fuel tank that came off of a Snapper snow thrower. I don't know the capacity, but it measures about 8" long x 4" wide.

    It seems like it would be perfect for a motored bike. You will just need to modify the bracket or make your own to mount it. There are two female threaded steel inserts on the tank for mounting bolts.

    $10 paypal + shipping.


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  2. loquin

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    If the body is 8 inch x 4 inch tall (excluding fill neck) x 4 inch wide, the volume is approximately 1 liter/34 oz.
  3. CJH

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    Still for sale. I saw that a couple of people are looking for a gas tank.
  4. CJH

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    Ok the gas tank is FREE! You pay for shipping.
  5. curtisfox

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    I pmed you I will take it
  6. CJH

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    It's yours. PMd you.