Play in connecting Rod and cylinder?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Fletch, Dec 15, 2010.

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    I have a noisy (rattling) HT, so I pulled off the head and cylinder body...took off the cylinder to look at the pin, and the roller bearing . Both of them look OK.

    From what I can tell, the play in the cylinder is from the roller bearing being not as wide as the gap in the cylinder?

    There is about 3-5 mm side to side play in the connecting rod. This is annoying, but I'm not sure if it'd of any significance or not? Is it worth tearing the engine open?

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    I'd feel more comfortable giving an answer if you were able to post a picture to be honest...
  3. Fletch

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    Hey DuctTape,

    I'm not sure what you'd want a pic of? I mean you can't see the side to side action on the rod (only feel it).

    Could you be more specific because I'd be happy to post pics.

    Right now the cylinder is off the rod still. To be honest, after reading up on the whole process of opening up the engine down the middle, I'm content to just leave it be unless there is something I can do on the top end to get rid of any play in the piston. The rod obviously involves disassembly, but just to get rid of rattling alone isn't worth it to me.

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    Well a frame by frame of you cracking open the whole motor, of course!

    I'm kidding.

    Actually a pic of the roller bearing, and a pic of the rod at the left and at the right would help a lot.

    Big thing about rattling on these motors.

    1: You don't have a radio to turn up to cover it up like it doesn't exist.

    2: Rattling is a LOT of movement for a part that isn't supposed to get that much movement. The more movement a part gets, the sooner it's used up and blown out.
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    No problem on the pics. It'll be a couple days though because my camera is being borrowed right now.

    1: Mp3 player would work. That actually reminds me of those noise canceling headphones that play a frequency that "cancels out" the outside noise. Probably more expensive than a HT.

    2: Yeah I agree. That's my only concern really other than noise. It's good to "hear" you say that because I read a lot of threads which amount to: "Some engines are loud...don't worry about it." Of course I won't lose sleep and I'm not about to tear the whole thing down just to make it more quiet, but if there is something that is within reason and easy enough I'm down to fix it. Plus it's kind of exciting working on these because I learn more about them.
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    I watched your video but it's really dark and the audio on my laptop is terrible. To be honest I don't remember what happened with my noise because I've gone through a few engines and my memory is not good at all. Basically you just have to try to find the noise like others have said. Look for markings like they suggest for chain rub. I haven't worked on one of these engines in about 4 years now. Sorry that I can't help more.
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    Thats fine it was the chain i found out happy as a clam hahaha thanks