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    I'm a man void of wealth and taste
    I've been lurking for a long, long year
    Stole much information, no waste

    Anyhow u can see I'm stones fan (sorta)..I signed up long ago but didn't remember...dang beer and it's forgetful properties.

    I ride a grubee called 80cc but 69cc i think..basic spoke sprocket set up. Bought it fully assembled. The bike is a 26 inch mountain bike of some sort..repainted and no identifiers I've found (could be stolen for all I know lol)

    Not much of a mechanic but I don't mind tinkering with this little engine..frustrated not being able to find many shops that will even tune up my gearing or brakes etc.. That is all just basic bicycle stuff, engine or not. There is one way north of me that sells motorized but the guy is hard to deal with. Suppose i should mention I'm from Spokane WA in case there's another in my area etc.

    I get one heck of a kick riding the thing but had one flat after another on rear tire. Just put put on a kevlar belted armadillo tire so we'll see if it's better.

    Really have appreciated all the little tips u guys have given as I'm on my own with the engine and the bike end help is limited. Would prefer to just be able to take it to the shop when it needs help but not a lot to choose from for that so I strive to be more of a mekinic :) U can see the disdain on their faces when u tell them u have a motorized.

    Will try to share what little i can think of that so many of you have not masterfully covered but really likely to have little more than thank you's for cluing me in as u've done so much in the past.

    The Bike shops really need to start embracing this. I have a bad left knee and it is usually done long before I am done with the ride and I was bout given up on biking for it, till the engine came in. Now i can stay out long enough to get my fix and accommodate the knee as well.

    Anyhow probably an overblown introduction but just wanted u to know I am glad for this forum. It has helped a sore legged old biker enjoy the sport once more.

    Any help getting to a freewheel sprocket or maybe even a gear jacker...but mainly the freewheel out of the box so to speak would be appreciated. Not that mechanical as I've said..would like to just get this done at a shop like i do my car.

    My biggest concern with the freewheel is the pull start as the thing starts pretty slow after it's sat or cold. Seems it would be a struggle with just pull start. That and having to bend out the pedals to accommodate a pull start with a center mount engine.