Please allow me to introduce you to Willy Wonka.

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    Here's my first bike I just about finished. Started out as a $60 steal from Craigslist and went in to extreme makeover asap! Still added little details all the time. I absolutely love my bike and ride it everyday around town instead of driving my truck.


    Custom White Candy Paint on frame and tank
    66/80cc Skyhawk motor w/ custom white high temp paint
    3/4 gallon tank
    CNS Carb
    Painted Heat Shield
    Halo Tires
    Villy Custom's Rims w/ coaster brake
    Translucent Orange Pedels
    16" Apehangers
    Custom Painted Name Tags "Willy Wonka"
    Matching lime green chains

    Just added:

    White cable housings for all lines
    Lime green grips
    Front Headlight painted white
    Painted Air Cleaner cover
    BOSS HOGZ Bike Gang!

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    Welcome to Motoredbikes!