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    I just got the "80cc" kit from boygofast, and I inspected all parts. Everything seems to look satisfactory, but there are NO INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS! Has this happened to anyone else?

    I've searched around this site and the web for some type of manual, but found nothing that really answers the questions I have. I've physically attached the rear sprocket, the engine and controls, but I'm not sure about hooking anything up, particularly the throttle cable to the carb. Do I need any sealant for the carb, or do I just clamp it on? I don't understand how the clutch works either. It just seems to be a lever flopping around on the side of the engine. I think I'll take the cover off for a closer look...

    I know I should complain to the seller, but I really don't want to delay putting my bike together. I hope someone here can point me in the right direction for a manual, or perhaps can offer assistance on this thread. Thanks in advance!

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    And a few of the vendors here have excellent online installation manuals.

    I've forgotten just who, but if you look around the sites a bit you're certain to find them.
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    .. but to answer your questions!
    #1 throttle cable installation.
    -remove carburator "cap" and internals. (spring, slide with needle attached)
    -in the side of the slide you should see how the end of the throttle cable hooks up. *
    -put the end through the top of the cap
    -put the cable through the spring
    -you need to compress the spring and hook the leaded end into the slide, once it
    is hooked you can let the spring go down into the slide.

    *to clarify, the slide has a cutaway on the bottom edge i believe that leads to the center where there is a seat for the throttle cable end
    also, when you reinstall the assembly, note the groove running the length of the slide on once side, you need this to be lined up with the idle screw (look down the carbs bore to see it protruding in the slides path)

    you will now have your throttle assembled, the idea here is that it will pull the slide up compressing the spring against the caps bottom. (this is how it will also close when you let off the gas! try turning the throttle a few times to make sure it is compressing the spring)

    #2 clutch explained.

    your clutch arm is round, on the "inside" end of it it is ground to a half circle making a flat spot. the flat spot is situated beside a pushrod like this ---> (|------ (clutch plate)
    dashes representing the pushrod.
    when it is pulled towards the clutch it rotates the edge onto the pushrod disengaging the clutch plate. in theroy, your clutch (flopping around state) is engaged. The pushrod is doing no pushing. If you push on the rod you will feel it spring back to floppy state. this is the springs on the clutchplate pushing it into "gear"

    pm me if you need any more help id be happy to snap off a few pictures for you since my engine is going back to the vendor monday morning for a defect.
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    Don't forget to take pictures as you rip out your hair gob by gob! It's all worth it once you get it together and start ridding!

    Don't be scared to ask for help here!