Please help Grubee Skyhawk just spins no grab to bump start ......

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    Hello Everyone on this awsome form. So Glad that i can talk to people about this. Im kinda clueless. I got a brand new kit and another one from this guy. So i have 2 66/80cc whatever bike motors and set up. I recently got this aluminum Stick to make and dremel and cut for the Tensioner. Put a new drive gear sproket and swapped it cause i have bigger chain. The problem is Now everythings set up pretty good, and with the clutch level pulled in or out now after one ride around the neighborhood (one big circle) It outta nowhere spins going forward and wont spin the motor and now im just clueless to what to do. If i go backwards it snags but forward wont do anything but spin free so im kinda worried. I need it to just roll start again but idk why it wont outta nowhere. Please anyhelp.
    Btw im From Augusta,Ga Hick state. lol Nice to meet everyone. I Hope someone knows. Ill attach some pics of both kits.
    IMG_20140205_143649.jpg IMG_20131210_162001.jpg

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    First, the chain is way to loose,(long) remove some links....the rear sprocket is facing backwards,,,,should be dished OUT.....clutch can be adjusted by removing cover on right of engine and tighting the center or "flower nut"And if you don't like Ga...MOVE
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    Dude never said he didn't like GA, he jokingly referred to it as a "hick state". Some people are way too sensitive. Geez, my state ain't perfect either, but I ain't moving. Couldn't if I wanted to, my wife won't move that far away from her family and I wouldn't make her because her family likes me and I like them. So take a chill pill, bro. Not everyone has to like your state. Never been there except for passing through. Lived in KY though, and that is a hick state for real lol. But I'm PA born and raised, and I'll be laying my head here for the rest of my life.
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    Velzie.....the website shows exactly what I said.....dishin or dishout...the teeth on the sprocket need to be as far away from the wheel as possible....
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    I agree that dish out is usually the way to go. But that doesn't seem to be the issue.

    And those chains certainly need to be tightened up. But that doesn't seem to be the real problem either. Other than it 'snagging' when he backs up. The loose chain might be bunching up under the drive gear cover.

    It sounds like his clutch is disengaging, and staying that way for a while, after a short ride.

    Stuck cable maybe? Clutch needs adjustment?
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    Thank yall so much and yea exactly butterbean even though i hate it here its the best place in a way cause we dont get harsh weather from north or south or anyways. lol Ok yea had to take some links out of corse that was just a picture so yall could see. Anyways i found out what it was the little cotter pin fell out when i put the new chain and drive sproket while i was rideing around the block. Anyways everything is good except need to make or buy a better little pin that goes into the sproket any ideas how to make or buy one cheap. Also i really need to know how this brass fitting that fits on spark plug goes into the cdi wire ? i guess is what that box is. I see groves and threads but wont stay into the plug to go on the spark plug anyone know how? Ive tried little flat head it just wont fit in. Thanks so much everyone please let me know im about done with this kit.
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    Ok, so which side is the dished side? Concave or convex? The instructions are ridiculously inaccurate and call for either side to be near the spokes. Its obvious to put the sprocket in a position that best suits your needs. I cant seem to figure why they would chrome only one side then tell you to put the dull side out?

    Anyway, how about a bobby/hair pin for your cotter pin? I would toss the old spark plug boot and buy a new one. I used a small screw and screwed it into the wire. Used a spring from a car spark plug and attached it to the screw. Then put the boot over the spring. Makes for a much better connection.