please help headlight?

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  1. masterx1234

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    i bought a friction powered light generator from boy go fast on ebay, but it never came with any instruction whatsoever, does anyone know if there posted online somewhere?

  2. Dave C

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    There are none as far as I know. It's one of those things that's self-explanitory. Just clamp it to a fork or frame member to where the knurled end makes good contact with a tire sidewall. Where it used to be mounted on the front fork a lot of the times now there is the brake stuff in the way. It doesn't matter what direction it turns so it can be mounted behind the fork if needed or on the back tire, just have to run a longer power lead.

    Now, there's a voltage regulator ment to be used with a small battery. These can be rechargable batteries, sealed lead acid batteries or small moped or motorcycle batteries. The idea is to not have your light go out when your stopped.

    There are different regulators for different setups, if you go this way make sure you get the right thing.:helmet: