Please help me do this right the first time!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Transcend, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Thanks for your time with this question.
    I want to do this right the first time. Please give me a list of what i should buy and from who? i see to many kits out there and have no idea what is what. I want to add a motor to my mnt bike and i want to get this right the first time.

    Thanks Andy

  2. Wheres my dog

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    There is no one right way or an approved vendor or engine!

    It is purely personal choice in what YOU want!

    Read the beginner guides, look at the pictures, read the forums and YOU will have to make a decision
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    Yep, there might not be the right engine setup on the first build.
    However, if you're the type to settle for whatever performance your first engine puts out, that's good for you.

    Building motorized bicycles has a learning curve, and it depends if you're gonna settle for that first engine.You need to choose which engine and type of drive you desire, whether Happy Time with single sprocket or shift kit, 4-cycle midframe setup or rear racjmount with frictiond drive of chain drive.

    What "Where's my dog" said.:devilish: