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    I have a quick question. Do you guys think that an engine will fit on this bike:


    Here is what the motor looks like:
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    Motor Will Fit.

    I have a 1976 Huffy 3-speed men's bike, almost exactly like this bike, fenders brakes, hub. It has 26 X 13/8" rims and tires. I bought it recently at a garage sale for $35.

    Attached to it was a Aqua Bug friction drive Tanaka engine!:jester:

    Front spokes are 15g, which I replaced with 14g stainless steel. Rear spokes are 13g and are in good shape.

    Bike was last registered in California in 1976.


    Yes, a ht can be made to fit a girls bike. It will set a little high and might get a little warm on the legs and you need to figure out a fuel tank.........

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  4. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I tried to install a HT engine on a Raleigh girlie cruiser. The bar was high like yours, so the engine wouldn't fit. If it was a single bar mounted low, then it'd probably fit.

    Without measurements and simply eyeballing, my guess is that the HT engine will not fit.
  5. I would'nt put one on that bike, get a mans bike and you can use this one for parts.
    A engine will fit on it tho and you could put the tank on the rear rack.
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    If you want to use that bike, Talk to the folks at GEBE. There must be enough clearace for the drive ring , other wise I would take cabinfevers advice.
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    Thank you guys!

    Thank you guys for all the support! I think I will use another bike like you guys suggest. Oh yeah I got the bike for raking someone's leafs. I might just sell it or something. Just wanted to see if it was possible.
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    A friction drive on front or rear will work,,, but that type bike is not the best for it, especially if the roads are rough . Looks like the front fork is bent, too !!