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Discussion in 'Forum Help & Suggestions' started by WIZARDOFOZONE, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. HMMMM ... Anybody have additional ideas why I can't seem to upload ? (besides the fact I'm secretly retarded yuk ! .... I resized down, hit upload and it starts to 'blue bar' then snaps off .... I might have misunderstood about a pic site ... is that still the rule ? Am I supposed to be sending them off somewhere first ? A post to me earlier seemed to indicate that was tnot the procedure any more. Gonna try it one more time ..

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

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    yes, best if you resize first to 600 pixels wide

    when you have a posting window, hit "upload picture"

    that will open another window that will allow you to browse your PC and choose the pic, just double-click the one you want

    click "send" and give it some time, the picture should appear in the upload window with a link at the bottom to click which will insert the pic into your post

    use the "preview" button to make sure you have all your text and pics where you want them

    hit "submit"...

    TIP: whenever something seems to "stall" close the upload picture
    window and try for me, should work for you, too :)

    if you have any more probs, please try to be specific when you post your question, like is there a red error message at the top of the upload picture window? that usually means the file size itself, not the image, is too large. try reducing the size some more or reducing color count.

    we'll get it rocked out, don't you fret none 8)
  3. Thanks, Augi

    ya, on the last try I did get a red lettered message like that but that pic wasnt part of any album or large file so I'll keep trying till I get it right.
  4. bamabikeguy

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    Try this Mr. Wizard,

    If you are choosing a resized photo, right after you browse and select it, under that is CUSTOM SIZING max._____ pixels.

    Type in "300" or "400", making a bit smaller shot than the default, but a faster upload.

    If you type in "400" every time, the screen will never go too wide rights when you try to read the posts, everything will stay in the narrower frame.

    Likewise, if you type in "200", you can show side by side pix in the same screen window.

  6. azbill

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    oops...somebody hit the caps lock key haha :lol:
  7. bamabikeguy

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    Hey, for $5 I'll teach you the "power du collage".... :cool:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. gone_fishin

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    bama needs the money...

    he still owes me a coupla gallons of gas for turning him onto "collage-omy" among other things. he shoulda paid up when prices were lower, nowadays i consider owning 2 gallons on "spec"* to be a fine investment :p

    so...where's the pics already?

    *as in: i don't "spec" to see it any time soon :lol:
  9. Herrmanator8

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    ive read all of this and i still cant figure out how to post pictures on this new thing:mad::mad::mad:

    the pictures are about 340x340 right i have to make them bigger???

    the pictures are on my hard drive but it says i have to get them from a url???

  10. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    new software...the new FAQ is very good.

    with this board, you'll "attach" files just like email...see the paperclip?

    search the faq for attachments.
  11. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest

    yay, thanks augidog. i know how to do it now...but i still dont know how to enlarge and shrink images.