HI. I am new to this site. I got a 80cc chinese motor on ebay. (powerking.)

I am trying to install the clutch.

The chinese translated instructions do not give enough detail to install the clutch, and I am still having problems after looking at the other instructions provided on this site.

Could someone please describe how to install the clutch? I have been working at this for days and cant wait to ride it. All i have left is the clutch and chain.

My major problem is the wiring from the clutch to the lever on the engine and how it works.

Thanks very much for help.

There is a lot of resistance to pull the clutch in. It does flop freely out when unrestricted, but you will never have the lever out there. You want the lever to normally be parallel to the bike, and when you want to push the clutch in, it will be bent 30 degrees towards the engine... Hard to explain i know. Check out these pictures for help... both of them are with the clutch not pulled in (engaged):




Hope that helps!
the middle pic is a good one...big spring over cable housing for heat insulation, cable through adjuster, then small spring, then the brass endpiece. using needle-nose pliers, pull the small spring back & tuck the cable into the slot on the clutch lever.
tom is right, it may seem like you're gonna rip the cable to shreds because it takes a lot of pull to dis-engage the clutch, but once you get it right, it won't feel so bad.

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the best way to do it is get the brass piece on the cable just alittle bit ahead of the clutch arm then tighten the nut or screw on the brass piece as its parrellel to the motor housing then slide it in the clutch arm, the small spring doesnt realy do anything because the clutch plate itself has a spring inside it.

when u pull the clutch with the grip it will fill kinda tough but it will get easyer as u do it more.
i've deduced that the small spring may not "pull-back" much, but it does at least provide for proper tension of the cable & housing, making adjustment much easier & more precise.

i've seen good reports with spring on & off, tho i recommend using it. these kits are pretty much as perfected as they're gonna get, the small spring wouldn't be in there if it wasn't needed. i don't think the makers want us to rely on the clutch throw-out for "pull back."

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these pics just helped me a lot, thanks! I now have the clutch installed just like this but the I can't pull in the lever at all (and I didn't tighten the cable much at all yet), is that normal when the bike is not running? this is my first install so I don't know but I expected to be able to pull the clutch in once I set it up right. I've read that it can be tough to pull in but this doesn't seem right, right?
The cable needs to be lubricated well, in the entire length.
The release lever should move when you push it in towards the right side of the bike.
I can move it on all of my engines if I push it firmly.
All new clutches feel stiff to work initially, they do break in and get smoother and easier with time.
Look up the "pulley mod". It works awesome!